Liberia: Prosecution Argues Keeping Justice Ja’neh Will Render Government Dysfunctional


MONROVIA – Cllr. M. Wilkins Wright, a member of the prosecution team, seeking the impeachment of the Supreme Court Justice Kabineh Ja’neh has admonished members of the Senator that the Supreme Court would be divided should they fail to vote to impeach him.

Cllr. Wright made the assertion during the ongoing final arguments after which the Senators would take a vote on the matter. 

“There will be no cooperation between the two Houses if you acquit Ja’neh. Impeachment is political and not legal, it is guided by legal safe guide. Only the legislature can determine misconduct,” he argued.

Cllr. Wright added: “Your sitting is legitimate and impeachment is political and voting for acquittal will be a great loss. I want you vote ‘yes’ on all the four counts. Even if you are from a different political party. There will be a waring faction on the Bench if you don’t vote to remove Ja’neh. You don’t want chaos. Vote Ja’neh out to avoid a dysfunctional government.

The defense team, however, argued that there is no friction between Associate Justice Ja’neh and the rest of the members of the Bench. According to them, the Constitution would not have called for due process if the impeachment trial were political.

They argued that the prosecution has so far not proven any element of misconduct or abuse of power throughout the trial.

They noted that impeaching Justice Ja’neh without a legal ground could lead to the erosion of democracy in the country.

“If in your consciences there is no constitutional grounds, I begged you acquit Cllr.  justice Ja’neh. This is trap that needs to be stopped,” Cllr. Lavala Supowood said.

He added that impeachment of Justice of Ja’neh could take Liberia back into its dark days.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is a developing story and would be updated as new details emerge