Liberia Private Sector Executive Committee Launches “Web Portal” to Track Donations Given to COVID-19 Response Team


Monrovia – Liberia Private Sector Executive Committee (LIPSEC) has launched the first “Web Portal” which aims at showing accountability and transparency for donations that the government will receive from donors during the coronavirus crisis.

LIPSEC is a public-private partnership and works with the Incidence Management System (IMS) of the COVID-19 response.

The organization has also provided funding and other capacity-building since the outbreak of the virus.

The web portal is going to track donations that would be giving to the government by development partners to help eradicate the coronavirus out of Liberia.

Speaking during the launch of the Web Portal, the Information Ministry Lenn Eugene Nagbe said the web portal will make the public understand what the government will be receiving and how the government will spend the funding or donated items from its partners.

“The web portal is in the interest of transparency and accountability. The initiative is a strong pillar toward the fight against COVID-19,” Minister Nagbe said.

MICAT Boss added: “The web portal will also help us in our planning process. We can now track all of the donations ourselves and know what has been donated.”

Also speaking by the way of Zoom meeting, Liberia Ambassador George Patten praised the Liberia Private Sector for their efforts in collaborating with the government to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

“I can recall that it was the private sector and the government which led to the defeat of the Ebola Virus. I welcome the collaboration and I believe strongly that this will defeat COVID-19.”

Also speaking, USAID Deputy Head of Mission Madam Rebekah Eubanks highlighted USAID support to Liberia since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Eubanks says her organization aims to seek the wellbeing of the most vulnerable people that have been affected by the COVID-19.

“There is a lesson that we can all learn from this collaboration between the government of Liberia, the private sector, and the donors’ agency and countries,” USAID Deputy Mission Director said.

Adding up, the Head of the Liberia National Response Coordinator of the Executive Committee on Coronavirus Mary Broh said like what was done during the Ebola virus era; she is pleased that the private sector has joined hands with the government to help eradicate the deadly virus out of the country.  

“I am a supporter of this partnership and I believe it can boost the government’s ongoing effort to full accountability and transparency,” Madam Broh said.

“On behalf of President George Weah and the people of Liberia, I want to extend our gratitude to all of our partners who have made this private sector donation possible,” she said.