Liberia: Private School Proprietors Want Teaching of Christian Education


MONROVIA – An institution with a focus to promote the teaching of Christian and Godly Education in all primary and secondary Private Christian Schools is been launched under the banner “Proprietors for Christian Transformation and Quality Education (PCTQE).

The formulation of the religiously-based Education group, according to Rev. Sammie Johnah Sorbah, chairman of the organization, is to keep up the banner of unity that impacts the lives of teachers and school children for Jesus through education. The group has vowed to ensure that every child has access to Christ-center educational transformation.

PCTQE goals are also to help the proprietors of private schools transform all Liberian Christian schools’ children into better citizens through a Christian-built curriculum. “We are strongly focused on achieving that goal by meeting regularly, praying together, organization training and putting our resource together in fulfillment of our pledge and allegiance to PCTQE.” 

The formation of the group was as a result of challenges facing private Christian schools that are leading to poor provision of poor quality education in various Christians’ school.  

“Most teachers of schools in the country are not trained, proprietors’ lives are I abject poverty with the country resting on a broken economy. Since we passed through the 14 years of senseless civil war and we were hit by the deadly Ebola virus which claimed the lives of countless thousands of people, we haven’t recovered.”

Senator Dallas Gueh of Rivercess was the guest speaker at the launch. According to him, as a Christian, he stands against any law that will make Liberia a Christian nation because “Religion is not enforced by law.”

Sen. Gueh told the teachers from different private Christian schools who had gathered for the purpose of the launch that, despite his opposition to making a law that will change Liberia into a Christian nation, he supports the teaching of Christian and family values and patriotism.

He vowed to change the country’s education system within two years if given the opportunity to serve as head of the Education Ministry. He said his 25 years of experience as a classroom teacher is enough to have the sector improved.

For his part, Mr. Augustine Akoi, of the Better Future Foundation School has vowed to begin to start the naming and shaming of bad apples in the country education sector, because according to that is the best was to set the country on track with best practice.