Liberia: President Weah Pushes for Gender Equity at 41st General Conference of UNESCO


Monrovia – President George Manneh Weah has underscored the need for the world to take concrete steps in addressing present and pending disasters situations through a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive means.

Speaking Friday at the 41st General Conference of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization (UNESCO) in Paris, France President Weah said the world can never be a better place so long there is discrimination between men and women.

“We are also acutely and distressingly aware that the world is still suffering from the terrible Covid-19 pandemic, which for almost two years now has caused the unfortunate deaths of millions of people around the world, and has taken an unprecedented toll on the ways of life and the livelihoods of all survivors,” President Weah said.

“These unfortunate developments should remind us of our collective responsibilities and the roles we must all play in looking ahead, beyond the present and pending disasters, to find global solutions that are sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.”

 President Weah believes, men and women are equal citizens, and should therefore enjoy equal opportunities and have access to knowledge and skills if society is to develop to its maximum potential.

He told the Paris Forum that as President of the Republic of Liberia and a self-titled Feminist-in-Chief, he had long been a champion of women’s rights and a “HeForShe”.

As such, President Weah stressed named the achievement of gender equality in Liberia, as one of the top priorities of his Administration.

He then noted that his administration is committed and obligated to ensure that the issue of gender equality is achieved within the context of Sustainable Development Goal #5.

Sustainable Development Goal # 5 emphasized the need to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

President Weah maintained that due to the inherent disparities in the society against women and girls, there is also an urgent need to develop and strengthen mechanisms for their full protection and empowerment, to ensure that their rights are protected and their livelihoods are sustained.

However, he said his leadership has made significant strides in legal and systemic reforms to be able to lawfully address the entrenched inequalities that exist between men and women. 

“These will be presented in detail by my delegation during your further discussions,” President Weah noted.

In the same way, he reaffirmed Liberia’s support for the agenda and programs of UNESCO. 

“We wish you every success in your deliberations, and we pray that the new targets which will be set here in the areas of education, science, and culture, will be achieved through your collective wisdom,” he further stated.

President Weah then congratulated UNESCO on the 75th Anniversary of its existence, of which founding convention Liberia was a signatory. 

Meanwhile, President Weah has congratulated UNESCO Director-General, Audrey Azulay for her reelection to said post.

He said: “I wish to congratulate Let me also congratulate the Director-General, Ms. Audrey Azulay, for her re-election to a second five-year term to continue her dynamic and innovative leadership of UNESCO, especially during these challenging times.”