Liberia: President Weah Donates Vehicle to Christian Organization

According Mr. Twehway, the gesture was in recognition of the group’s overwhelming support to President Weah in 2017

Paynesville – The overwhelming support to the religious community of Liberia given to then Senator George Manneh Weah while aspiring for the presidency has begun to yield fruits as the National Wings of Success Pastoral Network (NWSPN) during the weekend received a new vehicle from the Liberian leader through National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director, Bill Twehway.

Mr. Twehway put the minimum cost of the pickup at US$35,000.

The presentation of the Mitsubishi pickup was made on behalf of President Weah on Friday during an elaborate ceremony held at the Chapel of Light Church in Paynesville.

According Mr. Twehway, the gesture was in recognition of the group’s overwhelming support to President Weah in 2017. He said the religious group stood its grounds in 2017 by galvanizing support for President Weah through all of its branches across the country. The NPA Managing Director informed the gathering of Christians that his gesture was as a result of a mandate from President Weah instructing him to provide at least a vehicle in order to smoothen the work of the organization.

Managing Director Twehway recalled that during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections, leaders of the Christian grouping approached him on its decision to support Mr. Weah for the presidency, and him (Twehway) on a plan to endorse the CDC standard bearer at the time. Following the endorsement, Mr. Twehway mentioned that the network also campaigned for the election of now President Weah.

Twehway lavished praises on the Liberian leader for ‘prioritizing God in everything he does’ adding that the president is God-fearing.

“During the election you came to me saying you’ve agreed to vote for then Senator Weah. When I told him he was so excited. And they went and endorsed him. They didn’t only endorse the president but were on their feet appealing to their congregation to vote for him.

“One thing I know about the president and I really know about the president is that he puts God in everything he does in his life. He puts God first”.

“That’s why when other people were ups and downs to consult in order to get power, he went Israel and Nigeria for God to bless him”.

Mr. Twehway urged officials and members of the National Wings of Success Pastoral Network not to use the vehicle for political purpose, but to use it spreading the good news of Jesus and the success story of the Weah-led government, while urging them to pray for the reelection of the president.

“I’m not giving this vehicle for you to preach politics but to preach the good news about the gospel and the good things the government is doing including awarding scholarship, tuition-free education and construction of roads,” he said.

“The time is short to complete the roads and all the good things the president is doing in the country and you have to join us in asking God to give him a second term.”   

Upon receipt of the vehicle, the president of the organization, Bishop Sylvester Wallace thanked President Weah through Dr. Twehway for recognizing the effort and support of his group. Bishop Wallace admitted that the donation came at the time the group was in desperate need of mobility to enhance its work.

He assured President Weah through the NPA boss that his group is prepared and ready to in 2023 repeat what it did in 2017. The Christian cleric used the occasion by calling on the religious community to pray for President Weah and his government to succeed for the sake of the country.

“Please extend our appreciation to the President for the gift. It came at the time we were in need. We will go out and preach the good news. Thank God you have laid the basis for the good news. Those who have ears will hear.”