Liberia: President Weah Appears to Throw Shades at Opponents Boakai & Cummings in new Reggae Song


Monrovia With months away from the October presidential and legislative elections, President George Weah has released a fiery diss song titled “Talk Talk”, apparently aimed at his political rivals Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and former Vice President and Unity Party (UP) standard bearer, Joseph Boakai.

By Selma Lomax, [email protected]

In a span of over four minutes, the Liberian leader disses “Mr. B” and “Mr. C”, seemingly in reference to Boakai and Cummings, describing their respective quests for the presidency as a “big bluff”.

“Mr. B” wants to become president, “Mr. C”  wants to be president, but all they do is just sit and talk the talk,” President Weah sang.

“All “Mr. B” and “Mr. C” talk about is political sanctions only to bring suffering to the same people they want to become their leaders. I’m a Rasta Man, and “Mr. B” and “Mr. C” are liar men who don’t deserve well for Liberians.”

Also in the song, Weah heaped praises on himself as the best president in the history of Liberia, claiming he has built more roads, and provided opportunities for Liberians locally and internationally than any other previous Liberian presidents.

Boakai, meanwhile, appeared to have responded to President Weah when he took to his Facebook page, saying: “I hear a new Liberian slogan that says ‘”I jeh laugh”. Have a good weekend, fellow Liberians.”

President Weah’s latest track has divided opinions, with many Liberians calling on him to improve the economy rather than focusing on making music.

Isaac Smith, a Liberia, said on Facebook: “A gifted president is now hated in Liberia. What will happen if some of you who love church become president Will you stop going there because you are President, or because you have Muslim and other religions”? 

Mohammed Kanneh, another Liberian, said: “Good song. The lyric is superb. President Weah may win Grammy Reggae Album of the Year. Kudos, Mr president, show them that you’re versatile. All we need is to declare your assets, discourage corruption, and promote unity. Desist from being a CDC president. You are the president of Liberia”! 

Joseph Mour, a Liberian wrote on Facebook: “George weah is a Playboy president and just not serious to lead this country.”

Getaweh Massaquoi, a Liberian, added: “Embarrassing situation. Citizens are suffering to earn their daily bread and yet we have a less busy president whose focus is to make music. Liberia is doomed under Weah.”