Liberia: Pres. Weah, Sen. Prince Johnson Spiritual Father Dies


MONROVIA – Prophet T. B. Joshua, an influential preacher whose blessings and prayers President George Weah sought prior to the November 7 presidential elections in 2017 has died.

The head of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) was reported dead on Saturday.

He was 57.

The cause of his death remains unknown, however, according to reports, an autopsy would be conducted on his remains.

Senator Prince Y. Johnson, a former warlord, now turned politician and a preacher was reportedly ordained by T. B. Joshua.

Weah and Johnson’s visit to the Church in 2017, Prophet Joshua in his sermon which was broadcast live on popular Christian channel Emmanuel TV, Joshua warmly welcomed Weah and spoke directly to him.

“My brother is here today because he loves his country and wants God’s choice for his country,” Joshua stated. 

“He is not here to impose himself. What does God say about his country, Liberia? What is God’s opinion? That is why he is here.”

The cleric went further to reiterate that he was not favoring any particular side of the political spectrum but his own role was to pray for “the will of God” to be done in the nation of Liberia.

“We are not herbalists or witch-doctors; we are people of God. God’s choice is our choice. We cannot pray against God’s will,” Joshua stressed, with Weah nodding firmly in agreement.

“Without God’s corresponding power, we cannot pray to Him. For every step we take – every movement and action – intimation comes first,” Joshua further expounded.

 “There must be suggestion from the Spirit to move before we move. If truly I am a man of God, I must hear from God – move or don’t move.”

Meanwhile, Weah has expressed deep sadness at news of the unfortunate demise of the legendary Nigerian Televangelist and Philanthropist, TB Joshua.

The President said the Clergyman had impacted so many lives, including his, before Joshua’s untimely death.