Liberia: Pregnant Woman Allegedly Killed Fist Fight


Buchanan, Grand Bassa County – Police in Grand Bassa County have begun investigating the death of a 30-year-old pregnant woman in District # 2, after she was allegedly killed during a group fight on July 9, 2018.

Eyewitnesses told reporters that the T-Girl Geezay died two days after she was allegedly hit by an unknown person during the fist fight in Benjamin Village where she had joined a group to construct a house.

Princess Tokpah, who was also involved in the fight, told reporters that the late Geezay was hit while attempting to rescue an 18-year-old boy believed to be her brother.

Princess said the argument that sparked the brawl started when a lady accused her of being a prostitute.

“When we got through cooking the food, some of the guys food was placed in a plantain leaf but one of them said that he can’t eat plantain so we should find somewhere else to put his and so I decided to use the coffee leaf, when that lady came out she started accusing me of looking for man”, she said.

Princess said the accusation levied against her got her so angry which led to insults and fist fight of the entire team.

“When the fighting was going on the late T-girl came to me and said that while she was helping the 18-year-old boy, someone hit her but didn’t see the person but she was feeling serious pain”, she said.

T-girl was never taken to the clinic after she was hit during the fight, Princess added.

Richard Wheh, a resident of the district who visited the scene after the fight, told FrontPage Africa that the delay to have taken the victim to the hospital was due to lack of vehicle and money.

“That girl’s stomach was already hurting and to put her on that bad rad with a motorbike was a serious problem, besides it was very risky for her as a pregnant woman,” Wheh said.

He mentioned that the Liberian National Police is investigating the matter.

“Most of the town people have accused the 18-year-old boy of hitting the stomach of the late T-girl and that’s what led to her death,” he said.

Family sources have blamed the entire group of killing their daughter.

Over three persons have been arrested in connection with the death of the 30-year-old pregnant woman as the investigation continues.

FPA Elton W. Tiah, FPA Contributor