Liberia: Police Officer on the Run of after Allegedly Raping 15-Year-Old Girl


MONROVIA – Officer Emmanuel Wesley of the Liberian National Police, (LNP) who allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl in the King Gray Community, Paynesville, is still at large, while his accomplice, according to the victim’s mother, has been charged by the police and forwarded to court.  

According to LNP spokesman Moses Carter, the police have commenced a vigorous search for the officer and have distributed his photograph to every reachable police depot so that he can be arrested as soon as possible.

“Officer Wesley has disappointed us, because why should he run away? The fact that he ran away would make anybody believe that that he is guilty,” says Carter.

Even though LNP Spokesman Carter was unable to give the reporter a photograph of accused officer Wesley, this paper was able to get a photo of him not in uniform.  

The victim who was still in the community where the incident occurred was recently relocated to an undisclosed location.

“The victim is presently at a safe home and is being counseled because we are concern about her safety. We do not want her to remain in the same community to be stigmatized, so we are working with the parent to find a relative’s home, and as soon as that is done, she will be relocated there,” said Mrs. Sianneh Johnson of the Sexual Gender Based Violent Division of the LNP in Monrovia.

FPA recently reported the rape case involving Officer Emmanuel Wesley of the King Gray Depot, under Zone 8, who allegedly raped the 15-year-old victim in police custody, for an attempted rape case involving a ‘car boy’ of one of the commercial trucks in the area.

The victim told FPA that it all occurred when her mother left her in police custody at the depot when Officer Wesley was on duty. She further stated that the officer put a movie on his phone for her to watch and went outside to see a friend for a while. But when he returned, he changed the movie to a pornography movie of a dog having sex with a woman, and when she told him to remove the movie because her mother never allowed them to watch such movie, he switched off the phone and told her to sit on his lap.

“When I refused to sit on his lap, he held me by my two hands and forced me to sit on his lap and afterward, he stood up and took off his trousers and took off my clothes, too, then he bent me over the desk and had sex with me. He said if I shout, he was going to do something bad to me.  Early in the morning, when I told the other police officers that the car boy did not do anything to me; but it was the police officer who forced me to have sex with him, they told me since I did not yell, so it was not true,” she explained.

Officer Wesley, according to neighbors, was last seen in uniform riding a bike and heading to his assigned depot, the week of the incident, but his colleagues denied seeing him.