Liberia: Police Investigators Say Rape Victim Fought for Survival but Was Overpowered


Monrovia – Investigators of the Liberia National Police say the 15-year-old girl who was reportedly gang-raped to death in New Georgia effortlessly fought the alleged perpetrators prior to the incident.

They said, “We found her blouse torn and her zipper spoiled, so we believed that she wrestled with the alleged perpetrators before she was gang-raped.”

The investigator also confirmed that the dilution of both vagina and anus shows that she was raped in both parts.

Since Friday, several persons of interest have been undergoing investigation by the police, amongst them is the the owner of the property close to where the victim’s body was found.

According to the police, there were stains of blood on the fence and the owners of the property is claiming that the act may have been perpetrated by a man who slept in the fence and is currently not been seen yet.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tonkollie is regularly seen at the police station as fingers have been pointed at them.

At the same time, the owner of a local bar, club 88 in New Georgia where the deceased was last seen with her friends, was also at the police headquarters undergoing probe. He promised that his security guards, who were on shift on the day of the incident, will be turned over to investigators for more questioning.

Cameil Moore is the mother of the victim. She is regularly seen at the police headquarters. She assured that she is working along with investigators to find the suspects.

She said, “All I want now is for those who raped my daughter to be found, I know it will take time, but I am begging the police to put in the time to find the perpetrators.”

On Friday of last week, the body of 15 year-old Vivian Wreh was reportedly found lifeless with a deep cut on her back.

The victim had gone out with her friends for a party at Club 88 and was found the next morning dead.

The body is currently at John F. Kennedy hospital awaiting examinations.

Rape is one of many violence against women in Liberia that is prevalent. According to the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection’s first quarter statistics, three girls between the ages 13 and 17 years, while 220 girls were and raped in Montserrado County.

Of the total cases recorded during the quarter under review, rape accounts for 61% and has significantly increased by 5% as compared to the first quarter 2017 report.  

The Ministry of Gender Children Social Protection Gender-Based Violence first quarter data indicated that 42% of the survivors were between 13 -17 years, 25% were those between the aged 6 – 12 years, and mostly suffered Physical assault/Domestic violence, Gang rape, Rape and Sexual assault.