Liberia: Police in Monrovia Nab Man Suspected of Shooting German Expat in Buchanan


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police has arrested James Kollie, alias Depree, the man who allegedly murdered a German in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

On January 22, 2020 Juergen Schedema, the Log Yard Manager of the International Consultant Company (ICC) was killed by gunmen within the premises of the company at the Big Joe Town – more than a mile away from the port city of Buchanan.

Prior to his death, Schedema spent 10 years with the company and seven years living in Buchanan City. After his death, Linda Cumb Schedema, wife of the deceased, told the media that her husband was killed by armed robbers but there was no valuable taken away from him.

Since Mr. Schedema’s death, police have launched a man-hunt for his killer. On Friday, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Col. Patrick Sudue, disclosed to the public that Kollie, alias Depree, the man who allegedly killed Schedema has been arrested by after more than a year of search.

According to Col. Sudue, the arrest of Kollie came about after the police intensified its force to curb crimes and also to enforce the Covid-19 health protocol.

“I am here to tell the public that we have made lots of efforts against armed robbery even though Covid-19 is at hand,” Col. Sudue said.

“Few hours ago, we arrested one James Kollie, alias Depree. It will interest you to know that this guy has been on the run and he is the one who shot Juergen Schedema, a German national in Grand Bassa County. This is the Depree man we have been looking for,” Col. Sudue said.

According to the police chief, when the incident occurred Depree and his colleagues ran into neighboring Guinea.

Col. Sudue said his men have been tailing Depree and his colleagues in Guinea. He added that due to Covid-19, they had to slow down their search in Guinea.

Col. Sudue disclosed: “So, today, we arrested him in Mount Barclay along with a lady who happens to be his girlfriend. We have been keeping surveillance on him. Every evening this guy will go to this woman’s place. Sometimes, he will go, they will drop him to his woman’s place and they will take the car away.”

So, this time around, we went in the area, we set up and we waited till he came. And when he came we apprehended him. He wanted to put out a fight and he was shot in the leg by one of our officers. This is the guy who killed the German national in Buchanan and we are pleased to inform the public that no crime that we will have under our radar will go unpunished, no matter what it takes we will still go after them.

According to the police IG, Depree will be taken to the hospital to treat his wound and later forwarded to Grand Bassa County for onward prosecution.