Liberia: Police Arrest Naresh Brothers Manager on for Alleged Power Theft


MONROVIA – The Liberia National Police (LNP) has  arrested a 26-year-old India national identified as Amandani Karan for allegedly being involved in power theft.

According to the complaint, Patrick S. Nyumah, an employee of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), the power theft team and the LNP were on its normal routine to curtail the act of power theft in Du-Port Road, when they discovered the act.

Nyumah further complainedthat while the team was inspecting houses and meters, they discovered that Naresh Brother Incorporated was connected to LEC power without any legal means of connection.

He said, based on the discovery, the Manager of Naresh Brothers, defendant Karan, was arrested and taken the LNP Central Headquarters in Monrovia.

After his arrest, according to the complainant, defendant Karan informed the investigators that the meter was issued by LCE team since December, 2018.

Police change sheet revealed that defendant Karan denied the allegation levied against him and further narrated that he works as General Manager of Naresh Brother for the past years.

The defendant noted that on August 28, 2021, he was at work, when a team from LEC went to inquire how the business was getting power; at which time, informed them that his business was using its own generator.

Police charge sheet added that defendant Karan said after he provided the information, the LEC was not satisfied and contacted police.

“As soon ad the police officers arrived, they were told that the business centre was connected illegally to LEC power grid and is involved in the act of power theft,” defendant Karan noted.

Police, however ,said during its preliminary investigation conducted it was established that the crime (power theft) was perpetrated by Naresh Brother through it General Manager(defendant).

Police investigative report further noted that the business centre was illegally connected to the LEC power grid in Randall and Benson Streets and was using the power free, without paying any bills to LEC.

It said the connection was done with the knowledge and consent of the defendant and the business center used the power for a period of one year.