Liberia: Nimba Kwado Stabs Senator Johnson in the Back to support President Weah 


Paynesville City — Nimba Kwado, one of the most influential political groups in Nimba County that supported President George Weah in 2017 through Senator Prince Johnson’s Movement for Reconstruction and Unification (MRU) Party, says it would still be supporting President Weah despite the political stalemate between him and Senator Johnson.

By J.H. Webster Clayeh (0770745986)-[email protected] 

Senator Johnson’s MRU party in 2017 delivered Nimba County to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

His relationship with President Weah was good but got worse after several exchanges between him and the President. The Senator has promised that his party will not support the President in the upcoming election.

Issac Dahn is the president of the group. Over the weekend, 126 members inclusive of all executive officials met with President Weah at his famous Jamaica Resort and endorse his reelection bid.

Speaking to journalists after more than two hours of meeting, the president of Nimba Kwado Mr. Dahn said they have come to support the President of Liberia as a group and will ensure that he wins comes October 2023.

“We supported the President through the MRU (Movement for Reconstruction and Unification). But at this time, we have decided to come and deal with the President directly as an institution,” Dahn said.

According to Nimba Kwado’s president, based on the developmental gains that are taking in the counties, the people of Nimba County have all reason to support the second term of President Weah.

President Dahn added: “Not every government that will come to power that Nimba County will stand up to fight the government. For that reason, Nimba Kwado has decided to change the dynamic this time around.”

He continues: “We have decided to come and sit with the President to endorse his second term bid because we don’t want to go against his government.”

He promised that his organization will first be in the towns and villages to talk to the people of Nimba County to register when the voter registration process became.

“For his second term, Nimba County more than ever before, we will be in the field talking to our people in Nimba County. As president, I will be doing a county tour soon to talk to our people in the county to make sure they register to vote because endorsement is different and to register and vote is different.”

He added: “We are going to spread around to start talking to our people to register so that we can be able to perform our duty -that is to vote President Weah again.”