Liberia: Newly Inducted AME University Alumni President Promised Major Reforms

President of AME University Alumni Association (AMEUAA) Emmanuel Tieh Delamy

Monrovia – The newly inducted president of AME University Alumni Association (AMEUAA) Emmanuel Tieh Delamy says for the next two years, his administration is going to work constructively with the Board of Trustees, and the Office of the President of the AME University to shift the paradigm of quality education at the AME University.

Delamy made the remark late Saturday evening after he and other officials were inducted into office to stir the affairs of AMEUAA for the next two years. 

The theme of the induction ceremony and the inaugural ball was “engendering national leadership through effective engagement”.

“We will be attracting more qualified and competent instructional staffs- especially prioritizing qualified association members at the University on a full time basis rather than part time,” Delamy, the newly inducted AMEUAA president said. 

“These negotiations will also lead us to advocate for increased incentives for our instructional staff. Our administration will be a vehicle with a high velocity and acceleration to rapid transformation during the next 2 years.”

According to the newly president, he and his team of officials we will live up to their promise of building a dynamic and  inclusive association; one that brings all members together, both local and international, under a strong Network.

He added: “One thing my administration is clear about, and will not compromise is the issue of making the AMEUAA an Association for all, irrespective of political ideology or affiliation, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, and status in society.”

“I will at this occasion officially declare zero-tolerance on SWAPO/PSLAM/STUSAMO politics permeating the corridors and action plan of this administration for the next 2 years.”

Also, serving guest speaker, the Deputy Managing Director of NASSCROP Nya D. Twayen, Jr. who is an alumna of the University of Liberia cautions members of AMEUAA not to only occupy the membership of the alumni but rather to contribute adequately to the growth and development of the Alma manta.

“To engender your engagement you must look back at the history of AMEU, the history that is so unique in the Liberia educational sector,” Twayen said.

According to the Deputy Managing Director, at the time the country was at war in 1995, it took men with courage to establish what is now called AME University.

To strengthen the alumni association and help the university develop Twayen named commitment, voluntary and network are cardinal to the alumni.

“If the founding fathers of this university have not dreams to establish this university, you would not have been here today. So, Mr. President, your leadership must dream to achieve the unbelievable to help this institution you all benefited from,” he said.

AME University Alumni Association was established 2007. At the event, the AMEUAA Dr. Louise C. York Education Endowment fund was launched to help many struggling and brilliant students receive financial aids to foster the education sojourn at the AME University.