Liberia: New Solid Waste Management Solution Hits Monrovia


MONROVIA — Sway Solid Waste Management Solutions, a new waste collection company, has been launched in Monrovia.

The company is aimed at improving the local environment and offering employment to young people from socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

The new waste collection company is expected to provide waste management services for homes, restaurants and offices among others.

Service providence methodology at the company is different from the market as they train staff and conduct special sessions after gaining enough analysis and ideas on the working area.

Their packages are patterned according to the demands made by the clients.

Sway Solid Waste Management Solutions provides considerably cheaper rates than the market while keeping the quality in work extremely high.

The management of the Sway Solid Waste Management Solutions is therefore calling on on the public to take advantage of the company in the management of their solid waste at low cost.

The management can be reached at the following details: [email protected] or call us at +231886312407/+231770912040 to fulfill any other queries.


Janet Blee Kelly is a young Liberian woman with many passions. She earned a BA at the University of Rhode Island and went on to receive her MHA in Health Care Administration shortly after. However, her true passion is within the entertainment industry. She currently runs a blog called ChichipolyRoom, which aims at showcasing the latest in music, gossip, politics and anything trending in Liberia. Being a shareholder in Sway Solid Waste Management Solutions is an opportunity for her to not only enter a new field, but to also better her country.

Benita Whitney Urey is a young humanitarian, businesswoman, sports enthusiast and blogger. She is the founder of the Healing Liberia Foundation which aims at providing healthcare for less fortunate Liberians. She also owns one of Liberia’s most trending blogs – The Liberian Influence. She is 24-year-old young woman who believes in taking steps to better Liberia. This is why she has partnered with some likeminded Liberian women to launch the Sway Solid Waste Management Solutions.

Dearest N. Dolo is a 22-year-old fashion model and entrepreneur. She is an incoming graduate of the United Methodist University with a BBA in Accounting. With the passion of making positive change and impact in her surroundings, she decided to partner and become a shareholder of Sway Solid Waste Management Solutions.

Willimena Lela Murlyne Brown is a 24-year-old graduate of the University of Liberia with a BSc in Biomedical Science. She is an entrepreneur, a fashion model and a beauty queen who believes in the power of volunteerism and contributing towards creating change through everyday actions. She’s a partner and shareholder of Sway Solid Waste Management Solutions with the goal to keep Monrovia and its surroundings clean.

Joyce P. Kingston is a Liberian born and raised in Liberia, a student, co-owner and manager of Blue Eyes Entertainment and assistant manager of Gralan Security Service. She is passionate about entrepreneurship within the younger generation in Liberia and one of her biggest goals is to always engage and empower the youth of Liberia. She feels the best way to help young adults in Liberia is to create more opportunities for them to earn their own income. Her hope with this new venture is that Sway can create more opportunities for the younger generation.