Liberia: National Road Fund Agency to Improve and Build More Roads in Years to Come


MONROVIA – The Manager of Liberia National Road Fund Agency Boniface Statu said they are going to improve their works and contracture more roads in the years as compare to the past.

  According to him, the National Road Fund Agency has funded more roads construction over the years and continues to fund roads projects across the fifteen counties of Liberia.

Adding, The Manager of the National road Fund NRF currently has almost US$5 million dollars in its account, which includes monies remitted by the Liberian government as well as other commitments made by international partners.

The National Road Fund Agency was Founded in 2016 the purpose of financing road and bridge maintenance works and directly associated planning, programming and management activities; 2. The governance and oversight of the Road Fund including the approval of the Annual Road Maintenance Expenditure Program submitted by agencies authorized to undertake road and bridge works in Liberia;

And 3. An administrative structure that is capable of undertaking the core functions associated with collecting, managing and disbursing funds to and on behalf of agencies authorized to undertake road and bridge works in Liberia.

He continues; the National Road Fund Agency was created by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Government in 2016 but operation in 2018 under the George Weah government when I began the first manager of agency up recent.

Hon. Satu also said, there is a need for reform when it come to the National Road Fund Act by the national legislature. The agency needs independent, we are part of 34 countries in Africa that are using this ACT but Liberia Road Fund agency is the only agency that have it own independent something he said is every bad for Liberia.