Liberia National Police ‘Dangled’ Alleged Sexual Exploitation Case Involving Govt Official


Monrovia – The Deputy Managing Director at the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation was set to face investigation by the Women and Children Protection Section at the Zone 3 Police Depot for alleged rape, but a call from the police headquarters ‘thwarted’ the investigation.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

Officer Bendu Kamara of the Women and Children Protection Section at the depot told FrontPageAfrica that she had arranged with Mr. Momoh Moseray to appear for investigation but was later called to tran§sfer the case to central headquarters.

“When I called him, he said he was going to come and later Central requested for the case and that’s where I stopped; I was prepared to investigate but since my boss told me to transfer it, I had no option but to send her statement…I was shocked that I was asked for the case to be transferred.”

Officer Kamara claimed that the survivor had written in her statement that Moseray had promised to offer her a job after having sexual intercourse with her.

“She did a statement; in the statement she said before the job is given, she should have sex with him; she agreed to have sex because she wanted her job to support her children and send herself back to school,” Officer Kamara said.

However, another officer who identified himself as James Kollie called our reporter Wednesday evening attempting to clarify that the case was never reported at the Zone #3 Depot.

His clarification runs contrary to Officer Kamara’s who was initially handling the case at the depot.

Officer James Kollie, FPA gathered is the chief of traffic section at the Zone Three depot.

Moseray was accused by a 31-year-old woman, a mother of 2, of sexually exploiting her for job.

He, however, denied the allegation, stating that he has never known the Theresa.

“I don’t know her; I am married. I have my wife, I will sue her and my wife will also sue her.”

The survivor, Theresa (not real name) explained to FrontPageAfrica that she had gone to the headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in search for job as the political party was taking names of partisans for possible employment in the new government.

According to her, that’s where she met Moseray who questioned her presence at the headquarters.

“I told him I went to get my name on a list for job so he told me to meet him at his office for job on Front Street, which I did and I gave him my CV.”

“He told me that I have already been hired and my salary will not be less than US$350 and L$20,000. He also told me to attend the workshop organized by the entity to be trained on the job that I will be doing.”

According to her, after the three-day workshop, she received a call from the entity to be working until a position is assigned to her.

“After a week of going, we were told by our supervisor to stop coming until he calls you. So, I sat for days. I placed a call to Momoh to ask him what was going on at which time, he told me to meet him at his office.”

She continued, “I hurriedly dressed and went to his office, I waited for hours and met him at last. I asked him concerning my job and he told me everything was ok and I shouldn’t worry and I will start work on Monday.

“He put me in his car and told his driver to follow as he was riding with his friend in the front seat.”

Theresa said his friend vehicle drove into a local hotel followed by the vehicle she was riding and Momoh asked for her excused that he was meeting his friend quickly.

“He and his friend went upstairs and I was in the lobby for an hour waiting and then his friend left, it didn’t take long, the receptionist told me that Momoh told her to take me upstairs, and I followed.”

“When I got in his room he was lying on the bed half-naked and I questioned him why he was like that, he told me to feel comfortable, which I wasn’t.”

“And he told me to tell him why I needed the job and I told him, I am a single mother of two children, and a college drop-out, and wanted to secure the future for my children.”

According to her, she explained partly to Momoh, who later requested sex with him, but she refused.

She narrated, “He jumped from the bed and acted like he was going to the door, by that time I stood up wanting to leave, he forcefully shoved me on the bed, I struggled, screamed but he overpowered me and that’s how he was successful in having sex with me.”

Theresa said the case was taken to Zone 3, Women and Children Protection Section (WACPS) of the Liberia National Police (LNP) but was immediately taken over by the head office of WACPS at the LNP headquarters.

She explained that ironically the day the case was transferred to the LNP headquarters was the same day she received a call from the LWSC informing her that her contract was ready.

A friend of the survivor, Yassah (not real name), told FrontPageAfrica Wednesday that she advised the survivor to report the case to the police after she was informed about what transpired.

Yassah said she spoke with Moseray on the phone questioning him why he sexually abused her friend for job.

Yassah further stated that they first went to WACPS Zone Five in Paynesville but was advised to go to Zone Three, Congo Town which is the nearest police station that has jurisdiction over the case.

“I embarrassed him with calls and he later answered and I explained what she told me and I asked him why he can’t fulfill his promise to give her the job after he had forced her to have sex with him.”

“Momoh told me on the phone that he was awaiting a contract to be signed but the continuous calls were embarrassing him.”