Liberia: “My Daughter in the US Is Being Bullied Daily Due To the Death Claim against Me” – Bill Twehway


MONROVIA — National Port Authority Managing Director, Bill Twehway, has for the first time spoken on his lawsuit against Controversial talk show host and Political Commentator, Mr. Henry Costa, saying the allegation linking him to the death of some Liberian auditors, has not only troubled his spirit, but has caused threats to his family.

Managing Director Twehway said the allegation caused his daughter in the United States of America to suffer bullying from her friends in school, which has a major damage to everything he ever worked for.

Mr. Twehway speaking to journalists upon his return from the nationwide tour” Tuesday, disclosed that he had been receiving calls from people believed to be family members to the fallen auditors, threatening to go after him. 

Mr. Twehway dispelled notion that his lawsuit is intended to silent critical voices against his public service record, stressing that the court is the best place to establish truth from defamation.

He recounted on numerous occasions how Costa and his likes had published lies of all sorts against him since becoming the managing director of the National Port Authority, without a rebuttal or any action from him.

The NPA boss said he ignored all of the gibberish said about him because of his strong belief in free speech, but said the claim of he taking the life of reputable people in the Liberian society could not be taken lightly. 

“It is criminal and a dangerous lie that must be dealt with in a court of competent jurisdiction”.

When quizzed on the contribution to Costa legal defense by some Liberians in the diaspora, Twehway said it was welcoming, but placed them in two categories:

“There are people who contributed to ensure that Costa gives no excuse of a legal defense so as to go to court and for once prove his allegation against me since many of them too had been a victim of such lies but never had the courage to stand up. It is their way of pushing to know the truth”.  

He continues: “there are others whose contribution is motivated by hate against the government that they are unable to separate his private lawsuit against defamation, and the government. For example Ben Sanvee, and others  who claimed to stand for the truth only  contributed to such person because of their dislike for the government and so would hope to make it appear as if our personal lawsuit is one of the government”.

Twehway however rejects notion being displayed by few Liberians in the diaspora that this is a government versus Costa, and that noting was wrong for another person to create such long lasting lies on another person, which puts their families in perpetual harm and shame.

The seaport chief indicated that his lawsuit is his own way as a citizen seeking justice against falsehood and life threat, and creating a culture that people should be held liable for what they say and do to others.

On the 22nd of February, 2021, Mr. Henry Costa posted on his facebook page informing his followers about a lawsuit filed against him in the US state of Delaware by Mr. Twehway’s legal team.

Mr. Costa had accused Mr. Twehway of having his hands in the death of Internal Audit Agency Director General James Nyeswa and three auditors working for the Liberia Revenue Authority.

The four – Gifty Lama, Alfred Peters, George Flahnboto and Nyeswa, died in October 2020, under circumstances deemed mysterious.

Independent autopsies performed by Drs. Benedict Kolee and Zoebom Kparteh concluded to be “unnatural”.

According to the plaintiff the statements made by Defendant Costa, were known to be false at the time they were made with reckless disregard for their falsity and were intended to cause injury to Mr. Twehway.

In the complaint, the plaintiff is seeking for an order compelling Defendant Henry Costa to retract his statements which are deemed derogatory.

The legal team of the NPA boss wants a judgment against Costa awarding the plaintiff compensatory damages, including attorney’s fees and punitive damages against Costa.