Liberia: Motorcyclist Murderer Roosevelt Dehmie Gets 25 Years Imprisonment


Monrovia – Roosevelt Demann has been found guilty of the crime of murder and sentenced to jail for 25 years for killing motorcyclist Beyan Lamie.

Report by Augustine T. Tweah, [email protected]

Roosevelt Demann was incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison on Thursday, September 13 by Criminal Court “A” Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie to begin his 25-year sentence.

Judge Willie said the act of convict Demann is in violation of Chapter 14, section 14.1 of the New Penal Law of Liberia.

Section 14.1 of the New Penal Law of Liberia states: “A person is guilty of murder if he purposely or knowingly causes the death of another human being, or Causes the death of another human being under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life. Murder is a felony of the first degree but a person convicted of murder may be sentenced to death or life imprisonment”.

The Judge in his ruling added that convict Demann was incarcerated based on the evidence and facts adduced before the court by state lawyers or prosecutors.

The Judge added that convict Demann will serve 20 years behind bars and five years on probation or doing community service at which time he will be thoroughly monitored for good behavior.

During the ruling, Judge Willie also mentioned that the investigation conducted revealed that convict Demann once flogged a school principal in Paynesville.

When Demann was first arraigned (brought to the court), he pleaded not guilty to the crime.

But a week later, his lawyer asked for a conference hearing with Judge Willie after which he admitted in open court to the commission of the crime and asked family members of the deceased for forgiveness.

Convict Demann shot deceased Beyan Lamie with a firearm pistol marked NP22NORICHO on the night of Sunday, April 29, 2018 at the Soul Clinic Junction when the victim attempted to escape from him during a tussle.

In an interview, convict Demann said he regrets his action against the deceased. He also expressed dismay in the judge ruling terming it “Presumption of malice”.

“I am not satisfied with the act of presumption of malice. I regret the situation, I regret his death, but I was willingly charged,” he said.

After the judge ruling, the legal counsel of Roosevelt Demann, Cllr. Augustine C. Fayiah took an appeal to the Supreme Court for further determination into the matter.

“Absolutely the law has taken it course, the requirement of the law is for the trial to be heard, and to the best of my knowledge the trial has been heard, impartial trial, and I believe that the law has taken it course,” he said.

Cllr. Fayiah added that his appeal to the Supreme Court is a requirement under the law and the right of his client.

“That ruling is the ruling, I may not agree with it but that’s the ruling, I respect the ruling. My appeal to the Supreme Court is a requirement under the law, that’s my right, that’s the right of my client,” Cllr. Fayiah told reporters.