Liberia: Mother Of Twins Dies After Birth; Community Rallies Support for Upkeep of Children


VOINJAMA – A grieving family in Voinjama, Lofa County is coping with the unexpected loss of a 37-year-old mother, who died at the Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital during an emergency surgery just hours after giving birth to twins. 

The incident occurred August 7 at 2 am, according to doctors.

Doctors said Wenwu Harris died of complications after delivery. According to doctors, the deceased suffered acute respiratory failure and died after a successful Cesarean Section, CS.

Doctors said Harris was brought into the hospital as an un-booked patient, and due to her emergency condition, she was taken straight to the emergency room.

“When she came, we noticed that her blood pressure was so high and the condition put her in a high risk for a normal delivery.

“So, we recommended a cesarean section for safe delivery and she was moved to the theatre for an emergency CS,” a doctor at the hospital told FrontPageAfrica.

The doctor added: “We delivered the woman of a set of twins, but moments after, she developed respiratory failure.

“We had to rush her to the Intensive Care Unit, ICU, where doctors and nurses battled unsuccessfully to stabilize her deteriorating condition.

“Unfortunately, the woman gave up at about 2:00 am the next day.”

Meanwhile, the community where the deceased lived in Voinjama City, is rallying to help the family to ensure the survival of the children.

The twins’ father, James Kesselle, is calling on the government, non-governmental organisations and public-spirited individuals to assist the babies by providing food and drugs, to ensure their survival.

Those wanting to make donations can reach the family through this reporter on mobile 0886484666, also available on WhatsApp.