Liberia: More than 170,000 Residents in Montserrado County Set to Get Clean Water


Careysburg – About 170,510 residents of Careysburg and Todee Districts in Montserrado County are expected to benefit from a clean water project in their areas.

The project is code-named the Montserrado County Water Project 2020. It is being sponsored by ‘The Last Well’, a nonprofit organization based in Rockwall, Texas, United States. 

‘The Last Well’ is in partnership with the office of Montserrado County’s Senator, Saah Joseph.

At the event marking the official launch of the project in Careysburg recently, the head of the Last Well’s Program in Liberia, Doc Lawson revealed as part of the project, 108 new wells will be constructed and 69 already existing hand pumps will undergo intensive rehabilitation.

In addition, he said filter buckets will be distributed to households in 712 communities. Duped the miracle bucket, Mr. Lawson said the filter buckets is one of the best water purification models in the world.

He thanked Senator Joseph for his interventions which led to the relocation of the project to Monserrado County. Initially, he said the project was not intended for Montserrado.

Mr. Lawson acknowledged the efforts of Senator Joseph as well as the confidence reposed in them through his office, which has promised to work diligently to provide the people of Montserrado County with safe drinking water.

Also speaking, Senator Joseph lauded the Last Well, especially Doc Lawson, who he said is doing everything possible to provide safe drinking water to residents in the county.

“Clean water is very important in Montserrado, particularly people living in Klay Ashland and its surroundings are still drinking from running creeks. This is why the ‘Last Well’ is here to ensure that the entire district gets water,” he said.

He urged the county leadership to take ownership of the project and ensure that residents make use of it.

The Water Statistic 

According to the Last Well, there are still one million Liberians that need access to drinking water as a sustainable way of life. 

Eighteen percent of the deaths in Liberia are caused by diarrhea, malaria, and cholera, all waterborne diseases. And out of all water fatalities, up to 90 percent are children under the age of five.

The Last Well since its operations in Liberia, it has brought clean water to 4 million Liberians and is determined to continue the intervention for the entire population to be covered.

“We seek to bring clean, drinkable water to the remaining million residents that do not yet have access… We anticipate the day when the last well will be drilled and the gospel is preached in the last community in the country of Liberia. This day will take place by December 2020,” the Last Well said in a statement.