Liberia: Montserrado County Superintendent Questions the Independence of Sen. Dillon’s County Development Council

Florence Brandy, Superintendent of Montserrado County speaking at the program marking Montserrado County District#5 official endorsement ceremony for the Senatorial bid of Representative Thomas Fallah

Monrovia – Florence Brandy, Superintendent of Montserrado County has criticized Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon for establishing a County Development Council without any official of the county becoming a part.

Senator Dillon, following his induction as Montserrado County Senator in 2019 organized what he termed as Montserrado County Development Council which is chaired by Madam Comfort Bedell

In January, Senator Dillon presented a check of US$12,000.00 to the County Development Council for development.

But Speaking at the program marking the official endorsement of Representative Thomas Fallah’s Senatorial bid in Montserrado County District#5, Madam Brandy said the committee that was established by Senator Dillon lacks independence. “You (Senator Dillon) founded the county council without a member of the Montserrado County being a part of it. Where is that money going? Right back to your pocket,” Montserrado County Superintendent Brandy Said.

Madam Brandy added that it is about time that people in Montserrado County elect people who will help the county, especially with the social programs. “People become lawmakers and they don’t want to help, they do not want to make any contribution to the county because they say ‘Montserrado County people if you tell them lies, they will vote for you’. We are not disparate people, you hear it. We want better for this county.”

Madam Brandy added: “We want someone who will promote the youth’s program in this county. Yes, that is what we want. We do want a Senator who will say Superintendent what is happening to the youth center in Bentol? Let go to the Youth and Sports Ministry and find people to improve it and carry the children there to learn, that is the kind of Senator we are talking about.”

Dillon Lacks Oversight Responsibility

Also, Superintendent Brandy, speaking at the gathering said during the 2019 Senatorial debate, she asked the then-candidate, now Senator, to give the reason he wants to work in a government that he constantly criticized.

According to Madam Brandy, Senator Dillon’s answer at the time was that he is going to have oversight responsibility on the government, especially for the county. She says since the Montserrado County Senator became elected about a year ago he has not had an acquaintance meeting with any official of the county.

The Superintendent however queried: “With his oversight, has he called an acquaintance meeting to know what is happening in the county? No! Does he know the county’s local government structure? No! Does he know the office of our commissioners, of our cities and the office of the county? No! So, he does not have oversight.”

According to the Montserrado County Superintendent, Senator Dillon has not been supportive when it comes to supporting the development of youths in the county.  “The last county meet, nobody stood by me but Hon. Thomas Fallah. I had nobody to call on but Fallah. He stood in the gap for Montserrado County. The Senator who had oversight went to Grand Bassa County to support the Grand Bassa team over the Montserrado team.”