Liberia: Monrovia City to Host Global Parliament of Mayor in 2023 – Mayor Koijee Discloses


Monrovia – Mayor Jefferson Koijee has disclosed that the City of Monrovia has been chosen to host City Mayors from all across the globe in the 2023 Global Parliament of Mayors Conference.

Mayor Koijee stated that endorsement was after his engagements with other mayors from other cities across the globe.

Addressing a press conference following his return from the United States of America on Thursday, Mayor Koijee said that the city of Monrovia was selected based on the fact that his country’s capital proves to be the safest environment for the hosting of global events.

The Mayor of Monrovia, who also serves as the city’s chief executive said the Global Parliament of Mayors’ capstone conference will boost the country’s economy during and after the event.

He added: “The conference would have a profound effect on Monrovia’s diplomatic relations with cities across the globe, and that it might even result in the exchange of Waste Management models, all of which would help make Monrovia a clean, green, and clean city.

According to Mayor Koijee, several youths will be empowered during the time of the historical event.

In order to make a successful one, the Mayor of Monrovia says the City Government will collaborate with both state and non-state actors from in and out of the country.

The actual date had not been decided. However, Mayor Koijee added that mayors from across the globe will convene to choose a definite date when Monrovia will host the Global Parliament of Mayors Conference in 2023.

“Mayors from cities participating in the International System are expected to attend the Monrovia gathering,” he said.

Major Koijee added: “The Mayors of many cities from across the globe convene annually as part of an Intergovernmental organization called the Global Parliament of Mayors.”

“Major transnational and human security challenges are impacting cities all around the globe and the Global Parliament of Mayors meets frequently to create shared multilateral activities to address these issues. Some examples of these problems include illegal immigration, terrorism, money laundering, drug and human trafficking, and cybercrime.”

“Good governance and the protection of democracy’s cornerstones in urban centers across the world are also frequent themes of discussion,” he said.