Liberia: Monrovia City Police Arrest Several People For Illegally Disposing Garbage


Monrovia – The Monrovia City Police has arrested four persons for illegally disposing of dirt in the streets. Illegal disposal of garbage violates city ordinance # 1 section 10 which speaks against littering.

Johnson Flomo age 29, Amie Kamara age 31, Doris Suware age 37 and Iken Achembing age 32 were arrested early Monday morning and have been detained at the Monrovia City Police cell. They are residents of Benson, Clay Streets and Sayetown, respectively.

They have been fined US$50 each to be paid into the revenue covers of the City Government.

Failure on their part to pay this amount, the city government will have no other alternative but to take them to the Monrovia City Court for Prosecution.

This according to the authority of the corporation will serve as a deterrent for would-be violators.

The Monrovia City Corporation is not taking this issue of illegal and indiscriminate waste disposal by residents lightly and has deployed city police officers at every skip bucket location in Monrovia to track those individuals who are in the constant habit of illegally disposing dirt.

This action followed barely 24-hour of instruction by Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee ordering the deployment of city police officers at waste collections points in Monrovia to minimize illegal garbage disposal.