Liberia: Monrovia City Corporation’s Police Director Apologizes for Professional Misconduct, Vows to Behave within the Confines of the Law


Monrovia – The Police Director of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), Col. Thomas G. Garwo has expressed remorse for his action that led to the violation of his fellow citizens’ rights and promised never to repeat such action.

Col. Garwo’s apology was contained in an investigative report over his alleged misconduct submitted by released by the Director General for Internal operations at the MCC, King P. Andrews recently.

It was reported that on April 9, 2022, Col. G. Thomas Garwo allegedly infringed on the rights of peaceful citizens by blocking the main entrance to a private garage for which a complaint was officially filed by Atty. Lafayette Gould.

According to Mr. Andrews, Col. Garwo has extended an apology to the complainant Atty. Gould for the embarrassment he caused during the incident.

“Col. Garwo regretted his actions and promised to avoid repeat of such disorderly conduct, which cast bad image on his status in society and the integrity of the Monrovia City Government,” the report stated. 

It can be recalled that following the incident and subsequent complaint, the MCC took a prompt action by immediately ordering the indefinite suspension of the MCC police chief and sanctioned an investigation.

The investigation, which was headed by Prince W. Weah, Chief of Professional Standards at the MCC, among other things, established that in addition to infringing on the rights of peaceful citizens, he also disrespected Atty. Gould, who had called him to ascertain information into the fracas.

“The investigation established Atty. Gould couldn’t have filed his complaint to the city government had Col. Garwo answered his calls at the time,” said Mr. Andrews.

He further disclosed that the findings from the investigation team uncovered that the vehicle used by Col. Garwo was his personal vehicle and not the MCC assigned vehicle on April 13, 2022.

Despite the apology, the investigation team recommended that the Office of the Mayor of the City Government, Jefferson T. Kojiee, take an appropriate administrative action against Col. Garwo for his professional misconduct against Att. Gould and other citizens.

This, according to the team, will serve as a deterrence to protect the integrity of the city government of Monrovia and that the management of the MCC.