Liberia: Migrants As Messengers Volunteers Continue Awareness to Discourage Irregular Migration

Volunteers of the Migrants As Messengers project along with partners and community youths

MONROVIA – In continuation of efforts to discourage Liberians from migrating irregularly around the globe, Migrants As Messenger (MAM) volunteers conducted a community awareness campaign in collaboration with the Hope For Migrants International in Montserrado County.

Migrants As Messengers is a group of Liberian migrants (returnees) who voluntarily share their stories through various programs as a means of discouraging irregular migration through a 3-year project under the auspices of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The awareness raising activity through Clean-up exercise, commenced in Monrovia over the weekend.

It comprises of young Liberian volunteers, including returned migrants who have been affected as a result of traveling from one destination to another without proper documentation.

Speaking during the commencement of the initiative in the 12th Street, Sinkor community, the Project Assistant of the MAM, Madam Catheryn  Best Kenny, pointed out that the engagement with the communities will primarily target youth around the ages of 17 to 25.

She added that other community dwellers and influencers will be the secondary target of the exercise.

According to her, the community engagement through cleaning up exercise under the MAM project, was “introduce to rekindle a sense of community engagement through conservation, education, and assisting in massive cleanup activities” in urban areas.

Madam Kenny pointed out that the project will not only provide the needed information to guarantee the regular migration of people, but it will also keep various communities clean, reduce, recycle and compose waste.

“This project will provide youth and other community dwellers with authentic information on the dangers of irregular migration and the benefits of regular migration. The exercise will involve the participation of youth and other community members. It will enhance the engagement methods and visibility of the project on-ground activities”.

The Assistant Project Manager disclosed that a Migrants As Messengers (MAM) team will be setup in the various communities to help propagate messages against the irregular migration of people while at the same time promoting regular migration.

Miss Kenny explained that members of the MAM teams in the communities will help educate citizens on the significance of acquiring all relevant documents, including passport, visas where necessary, before migrating from one country to another.

For their part, the community dwellers commended the MaM Team for cleaning their community and sharing information on the danger of irregular migration and the benefits of regular migration

They vowed to be “ambassadors” for the eradication of irregular migration to help save lives and finances of those contemplating on traveling from one country to another by dubious means.