Liberia: MASARCO Rewards Tricyclist for Good Behavior, Others


MONROVIA – As a saying goes that “Good name or character is better than silver and gold,” so was it demonstrated yesterday (January 11, 2022) in the life of Emmanuel Dolo, a young man riding tricycle in Paynesville as he received a brand new state of the art tricycle as his own from the MASARCO Auto Service.

The tricycle said to worth US$3400 was given to Dolo for his good comportment as he goes on daily transporting his passengers from one end of the city to another, more so, by ensuring that his language to them, even if he is hurt, remains calm, civil and polite.

“This presentation of the latest TVS Deluxe Plus tricycle to Emmanuel has come following a careful review of his conduct and honesty as he transports passengers around town. We designed an idea about awarding or appreciating the best attitude refined young individual running either a motorcycle or a tricycle and Emmanuel has become the individual benefiting today,” Eddie Garnett, media and public affairs consultant for MASARCO said.

Garnett further explained that the leadership of the Motorcycle and Tricycle Union of Liberia (MOTUL) vouched for Dolo’s good conduct and neatness in his daily dress code as he serves the public through his tricycle riding.

“Mr. Emmanuel Dolo is even now nicknamed by his colleagues and people who ride with him as the best dressed kehkeh (tricycle) rider in Paynesville. We have also come to know by a keen follow up that Emmanuel has a special good mannerism towards his passengers. His passion for what he does and the care with which he does what he likes doing has paid off today,” MASARCO’s communications and public affairs official told newsmen.

He said his boss, Saah Johnson, the chief executive officer (CEO) of MASARCO has embarked on appreciating riders who focused and dedicating their time and service to the good of society.

“As you all know, Liberia is known as a country with no good customer service. We fall short of that and as such, having a young man with a good conduct, always clean and neatly dressed is a plus for all of us. We are proud of him and this is why we have come to appreciate him today,” Garnett concluded as he presented the keys of the vehicle to Emmanuel Dolo.

In response, Dolo nearly broke down in tears as he hardly believed that he was awarded the kehkeh (tricycle) because of good behavior and neatness in dressing everyday he goes out to ride.

“I am out of words to thank the MASARCO family for this great gift. They have changed my life already. I am very certain that with kehkeh, I will become self-sufficient and even provide jobs tomorrow to my friends who are riding for other people or do not have kehkeh, even though they want to have and earn their daily bread,” Dolo promised.

He explained that he has been riding his sister tricycle but now, he will focus on riding his own so as to enable him pursue his goals.

“I will not be riding all through my life. I want to go to school and learn. I want add more value to my life,” he emphasized, adding, “I hope my friends out there will be good always and be fair in their dealings with passengers.

When contacted, John Kenyor, president of the Motorcycle and Tricycle Union of Liberia (MOTUL) said Dolo is a good young man that has demonstrated over the years, sincerity, respect for the rule of law, cleanliness and respect for those he serves and his colleagues.

“We were a part of the decision that led to his selection. He deserves it and all said about his good behavior and honesty are true and correct,” Kenyor said, noting further that it is hope that many other riders will follow suit.

He thanked MASARCO for the donation and promised to work with the company to locate many other riders who are well behaved.

“Most of our men are not riding their own kehkehs or motorbikes. They are riding for people. Some are doing work and pay for but if one who is going through this experience happens to receive a kehkeh or a motorbike for himself, it is something to celebrate,” Kenyor said.

MASARCO is involved in the importation of TVS motorcycles and tricycles as well as training of people to ride the vehicles.