Liberia: Man, 22, Suffering From ‘Spinal Stenosis’ Appeals for Assistance


Gbarnga, Bong County – James Doloyuwah, 22,  is currently suffering from ‘Spinal Stenosis’ and is seeking aid for advanced medical treatment.

Spinal Stenosis is a medical term that indicates a condition that causes a curve in the spine.

“I am really in need of help from anyone  including our president, vice-president, Speaker of the House or goodwill individuals among others,” Doloyuwah told FrontPageAfrica in a mobile phone conversation.

James is a youth of Suakoko Town in Bong County and a 10th-grade secondary school student.

He suffered the condition after falling from a palm tree in 2018.

Doloyuwah is currently residing in Bong County and is a high school student who cuts palm-nut and then sell it for survival. “This is my only means of fending for myself,” he says.

Doloyuwah told FrontPageAfrica Monday that his parents are jobless and have no means of paying his fees – or his medical bills at an advanced medical center.

Following the incident which left him partially paralyzed, James says he was taken at the Phebe Hospital, where he was diagnosed with the condition.

“I fell from a palm tree on April 26, 2018. After an X-Ray and other health analysis, the doctor at Phebe Hospital termed my condition as SPINAL STENOSIS and advised that I must be taken to JFK Hospital to meet a doctor, but I have no means,” Doloyuwah stated.

Doloyuwah further  noted that one of the Doctor’s at Phebe Hospital identified as Keita
informed him some time ago that the intervertebral disk protrudes into the pathway of the spinal cord, thus causing compression.

Due to this condition, Doloyuwah says the spinal cord has lost its normal coordination.

According to him, doctors at the Phebe Hospital have advised that he be taken to the JFK Medical Center or abroad for advanced treatment, but  ‘lack of money’ is preventing him from doing so, since he was diagnose of Spinal Stenosis.

Doloyuwah says as a result of his condition, he is experiencing difficulties in movement of his leg, along with improper bladder control and severe pain in the back. 

For now, he says, his paramount concern is to seek advanced medical treatment.

Doloyuwah has expressed fear that if nothing is done to help address his medical condition, he might become liability, due to abnormalities of his body systems.

Says Doloyuwah: “I am begging everyone, who to help me in any way, because I am no longer able to go to the bush and cut palm to pay my school fees or help my parents buy food. If people do not feel sorry to extend hand to me, I go to bed on empty stomach. I have been faced with this for two year now and been calling on the local stations in Bong County, for help but nothing has been done towards my condition,” he pleaded.


Anyone who might want to aid James Doloyuwah in seeking his treatments can contact him on these numbers: WhatsApp +231881326880 or call: 0778191384