Liberia: Man Stabbed Multiple Times to Death

Blama Vincent met his untimely death after he stopped a group of boys from stealing the mobile phone, alerting the owner of his fate. He was then attacked and stabbed several times in his chest, back and stomach after wrestling with the boys who reportedly called for reinforcement on him. He was reportedly fasting at the time of his death

MONROVIA – The Bardnersville Estate Community woke up early on Saturday morning with a sad story about the death of one of its residents who was well known in the area due to his friendly interaction with people.

Blama Vincent, a father of five kids met his untimely death late Friday evening when he went to the Bardnerville Estate Market to buy some fruits and vegetables to break his fast when he was stabbed multiples in the chest, back and stomach by some unknown men in the area.

The Liberia National Police has launched an investigation in the death of Blama as three suspects are currently in police custody undergoing investigation.

Information gathered by FrontPage Africa reveals that while Blama was in the market late Friday evening between 7PM and 8PM, he reportedly saw two teenagers attempting to forcibly take the phone of another person when he (Blama) rushed there to intervene.

According to the reports, Blama intervened and told the fellow to go with his phone. 

Eyewitnesses told FPA that minutes later after the teenagers ran away, the two of them returned to the scene with additional men and one of them pointed at Blama, saying. “That is the guy”.

“I saw they and Blama fighting from the beginning but I thought it was just common fighting and I couldn’t go there because I was carrying passenger on my bike, but I was surprised to hear that he was dead due to the stabbing,” a commercial motorcyclist, Aaron Thomson narrated.

It is reported that Blama fought his way from his killers running to the police station which is just three minutes away from the crime scene but could not still survive the wounds due to the severity of the stabbing.

Two of the five suspects are said to be in police custody after an attempted arrest by angry youths who headed to the home of the other suspect, threatening to burn the home down.

Angry youths took the streets in protest of Blama’s death. The youth had earlier vowed not to allow anyone to sell in the market and to also prevent commercial motorcyclists from plying the estate.

One of the angry youths, Lewis Tarpeh, “It is so saddened to see young people in Barnerville to be so wicked to allow such a struggling young man to be killed in the presence of marketers and people who we called pehn-pehn riders,” he expressed.

During the youth protest action in the area, the only three police officers and an Armed Forces of Liberia soldier were noticed on the scene calling for calm as angry empathizers banged on commercial vehicles venturing the area.

Most of the shops and other smaller businesses were also closed for fear of being vandalized. 

Blama sold ice for survival. He had sold ice for over 10 years in the estate and was well known in the community. 

“I bought ice from him several times right near the field where he used to sell. I knew him to be a humble and easy going fellow respected everyone he ever came across. It is so sad to hear that he was murdered in a painful way.  It’s so sad, we are all in tears right,” Mrs. Marie Cole explained as she fought preventing her tears from rolling down her cheeks.

Another resident in the area, Alice Tweh, said Blama had been committed to his business for years. “I was a little girl growing up in Barnerville Estate when my father used to send me to buy ice from uncle Blama, as I used to called him, he always used joke with us whenever we go to buy from,” she recalled.

Blama reportedly graduated from the University of Liberia just year and was at the verge of returning to obtain his masters when he met his untimely death.

Before his death, he was reportedly on a 21-day fast and prayer as a member of the Abundant Life Ministry in Bardnersville Estate. FrontPageAfrica gathered Blama was planning to break his fast for the day just because he met his untimely death.

His older brother, Amos Vincent expressed regret over the death of his brother. He said words are hard to express as the family of Blama is yet to believe the news of his death.