Liberia: Man Arrested with Gun at Unity Party Headquarters


Congo Town – Private security guards at the Unity Party headquarters where Senator Abraham Darius Dillon is expected to climax his political campaign have arrested a man identified as Patrick Ballah in possession of a single barrel gun and several rounds.

He was booked by a female security guard at the entrance while trying to make his into the compound.

When quizzed why he was in possession of firearm, he said it was for his personal protection.

“I brought the arm so I can protect myself because my friend informed me that some guys were coming to attack me. They were told that I gathered people to disrupt Thomas Fallah program he held these few days in Police Academy,” he said.

Ballah further stated that he is a resident of the Police Academy Community and is a strong supporter of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

He displayed Facebook post in defense of his opposition stance as well as his identification.

According to him, one of his friends only identified as Titoe gave him the firearm, on grounds that his residence is dangerous at night, and may be pursued by his alleged opponents.

“Where I live is bad and maybe some of these guys from Thomas Fallah camp may want to attack me when I’m going back after our rally, so I brought this arm to protect myself,” he said.

He has been turned over Zone-3 Police Depot in Congo Town.