Liberia: Man Accused of Raping Daughter Charged, Sent To Jail Ahead of Trial


Monrovia – Darcy Ben, 51, who has been accused by his 17-year-old biological daughter of raping her, has been arrested charged and detained at the Monrovia Central Prison pending prosecution.

Ben was forwarded to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice on Tuesday, July 7 after he was charged by the Liberia National Police following an investigation.

Police records show that on June 29, the mother of the victim reported to the Women and Children Protection Section that on Sunday, June 28, 2020 the victim told her that her father had sexually abused her and that he had since been sexually harassing her.

She narrated that it all started on a Thursday in 2019, when her stepmother decided to spend the night at church for a fast and prayer service. Lea and her siblings were left all alone. Her stepmother requested she managed the shop.

When her stepmother returned the next morning, Lea was still sad but was afraid to speak out. When her stepmother told her father that Lea had been sad all day, he again threatened her that if she told anyone, he would kill her.

When Lea first hinted her biological mother about the situation, they were both afraid to confront him because of the threats he had made.

And so, Lea decided to inform her aunty who then reported the situation to the police.

“And then I went to my aunt, told her everything and my aunt told me, he has been doing the same to other children that made them to leave, that it wasn’t his first time,” she said.

Her father was then arrested by the police. He is now undergoing investigation at the Zone 9 Police depot in Jacob Town, Paynesville. He has not been officially charged and sent to court, but the alleged crime committed is rape and incest as defined in the Penal Law of Liberia.

“The Defendant has been harassing me by calling me in the Red light in order to rape me again, but I refused,” The police, quoting the victim, said.

As for Defendant Ben, the police added that during investigation after his arrest, he denied committing the act but admitted that he has been accused by the victim of sexually harassing her.

According to the police, despite his denial of committing the alleged act he was charged with first-degree rape based on the medical report obtained from the JDJ Hospital, witnesses corroborated testimonies and that the Defendant had absolute supervision of the victim coupled with other evidence.