Liberia: Man, 34, Booked after he Falsified AFL’s Document to Join Private Security Firm


Monrovia – Lowell Mah, 34, has been arrested and turned over to the Liberia National Police after he forged the Arm Forces of Liberia (AFL) document to join the NAYJAY Electronic Security.

Mah, a resident of Brewersville explaining to FrontPage Africa says he was told by one of his friends that the security firm is accepting applications for security guards.

According to Mah, the AFL document was unknown to him placed in his file by the guy who told him about the job vacancy. He added that he does not have any knowledge of such a document from the AFL.

Rt. Major Patrick Varney Colemen, ex-military personnel who served in the US Army is the head of NAYJAY Electronic Security.

Speaking to Frontpage Africa over the weekend at the central office of the security firm on Benson Street, Coleman says his entity only accepts ex-military or para-military personnel in its employ.

Rt. Major says his reason for accepting only ex-military or para-military personnel is that guys who have been trained and have left the army do not have anything to do in Liberia.

“You cannot train young men and discharged them and they have nothing to do -it is very dangerous to the state,” he said.

Coleman says as an ex-soldier myself, he founded the security firm to help track criminals and also for ex-military personnel to be able to get some income for themselves.

“This young man applied to this company and on his document, he stated that he is ex-AFL personnel. He went through the interview and we asked him questions and he said he is ex-AFL personnel from base two and we know that there is no base in the Liberian army. So, all of his documents, we have a copy of them, were falsified,” he said.

“When we pushed him to the wall, he confessed and said that the information was given to him under false pretend. The problem is, lots of these guys left the military for little crimes and they have nothing to do and if you have people pretending to be AFL personnel and they go and commit a crime out there- it hinders the image of the military.”

“The integrity that the military holds -it hinders that integrity and the public don’t understand. That is what we are trying to eradicate. We cannot eradicate it right now. We are trying to track those who are going out and pretending to be military personnel and bring them to the law and we hope the law will make them serve their punishments for the crimes they have committed. It is state document he was carrying and he did not go through the rank and far to be military personnel,” Coleman added.

Mah who falsified the AFL document was however taken to the Liberia National Police for further questioning.