Liberia: Man, 24, Sentenced to Prison for Life for Murder


Monrovia – Criminal Court ‘A’ Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie has sentenced a 24-year-old man identified as Joshua Marshall to life imprisonment.

Marshall was sentenced on Tuesday, June 11 at the Temple of Justice for murder.

Judge Willie stated in his ruling: “In view therefore and considering the facts and circumstances in the case, the law citations as cited herein and the report of the Probation office of the Ministry of Justice, the court hereby confirms and affirms the guilty verdict of the trial jury and accordingly sentence the Defendant Joshua Marshall to life imprisonment.” 

“The Clerk of this court is hereby ordered to communicate this final judgment of the sentence against Defendant Joshua Marshall to the Monrovia Central Prison with immediate effect.”

Marshall was indicted by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County on  December 6, 2018, during the November term of Court for the crime of murder.

According to the indictment, an argument ensued between Marshall and the deceased Othello S. Charty resulting in a fist fight.

During the fight, Marshall stabbed the deceased in the chest. Before his demise, Othello went to report the incident to the Zone 4 Police Station in Gardnerville.

The indictment: “While deceased Othello S. Charty was in bed when he began to experience severe pain in his chest and further informed his wife to escort him to the nearby clinic for medical treatment. And while on their way, Defendant Marshall got into a Green Nissan Almira Station Wagon, chased behind them with speed.”

It continues: “Willfully and intentionally struck the deceased, killed him instantly and began to roll the vehicle over his lifeless body. After the crime of murder, the defendant escaped the crime scene without sense of remorse that he had killed the deceased.”

When Marshall was arraigned before the court during the May 2019 Term of Court he pleaded not guilty to the commission of the crime of murder, thereby joining issue with the state.

Marshall denied the allegations levied against, claiming that it was an accident.

After the production of oral and documentary evidence by both prosecution and defense counsels, the Trial Jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict against the defendant.

After the judge ruling, defense counsel announced an appeal to the Supreme Court further determination into the matter.