Liberia: Man, 22, Accused Of ‘Raping’ Woman On Christmas Day


Monrovia – A woman [name withheld], who claimed she was intoxicated on Christmas Day, has accused a 22-year-old man of raping her in S.D. Cooper Road Community in Paynesville.

The woman told the police that on December 25, she had gone to a friend’s (name also withheld) home in the SD Cooper Community to celebrate with her. She later became drunk and was taken home.

She claimed that when she got home, she went into the bathroom and called on another friend at her home. While in the bathroom, she asked the friend to come and pour water on her head, instead, the friend asked the Defendant identified as Renny Sumo to perform the task.

The alleged rape victim further stated that instead of the Defendant pouring water on her head, he decided to have sex with her and while in the process another friend came at the house to check on her after hearing that she was drunk. But when she got into her house, she saw the defendant allegedly having sex with the victim.

A police charge sheet, in the possession of FrontPageAfrica, states that based on the complaint by the victim, it launched an investigation where a witness told the police that on December 25, 2019 she went to the house of the victim who is her sister but when she got to the house she allegedly saw the Defendant having sex with the victime in the bathroom.

The police charge sheet further that during investigation, Defendant Sumo denied having sex with the victim but allegedly admitted taking the victim home and while on his way out of her house, the victim little sister saw him and she locked the door behind him and later alerted some group of people who came in and have him taken to the police.

The police claimed that it was established that the victim drank alcoholic beverages on December 25, and that both the friend of the victim and the Defendant took her home.

It was also established by the victim that she does not know Defendant Sumo and that it was her first time seeing him at her friend’s house on the day of the incident.

“In view of the consistent allegation by the victim that Defendant Renny Sumo sexually abused her by inserting his penis in her private part, the investigation resolved and charged Defendant Renny Sumo with the commission of the crime of rape in violation of section14.70 of the amended Rape Law,” the Police stated.

Defendant Sumo upon being charged with rape by the police was forwarded to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice where he was later ordered detained at the Monrovia Central Prison pending trial.