Liberia: Malachi York Foundation Identifies With Community in Congo Town

Seneb Sanan Atum Rayay (in black T-Shirt and cap) helps with the fixing of the road

Monrovia – Over 1000 residents in the neighborhood of Vahwien, behind the Nigerian Embassy in Congo Town, have a reason to smile as Dr. Malachi Z.K. York Foundation has reconditioned a sloppy and rocky road on which several persons have fallen and sustained injuries.

The heavy downpour of the August and September rain could not hold back the plan of Saqar Ahhah Ahershu, Den Tut Rayay, and Seneb Sanan Atum Rayay, three of the foundation’s representatives, who are in the country in pursuit of Government of Liberia’s re-engagement of the U.S. Government to help free Dr. Malachi Z.K. York, a Liberian Diplomat from a prolonged incarceration.

The trio, out of humanitarian gesture, saw the need to let go over US$1000 in a bid to see to it that the people in that part of Congo Town receive a good road to go about their normal activities.

Vahwien Neighborhood chairman, Ezekiel Fair, expressed his delight for the Foundation’s gesture.

“Most of us have fallen here, and in most instances, sustained injuries on this rocky hill. We are so happy and appreciative that Dr. Malachi York Foundation has helped us by fixing the road with concrete bricks and other solid materials,” Fair told journalists.

He said the community’s contribution was labor force, and other local materials they could afford. “As you can see, my men are working without any request for pay,” Fair said at the onset of the project.

Seneb Sanan Atum Rayay, making remarks on behalf of his colleagues from the Foundation, said even though they have come to seek government’s intervention in Dr. York’s long imprisonment case, the foundation is conscious of the need to help the struggling population in several aspects of life.

Rayay said Dr. York is a humanitarian and his life has always been dedicated to changing living conditions for the good.

The head of the labor team, Daniel P. Brown said within one week, it was their hope that the job will be completed. “This is our community, and we have to help by doing the job, even if we don’t receive pay,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, following the completion of the road conditioning project, the residents, with smile in the faces were seen freely walking up and down the road that was once rocky and considered as a trap for them. 

The thanked the foundation for the gesture and promised to maintain it. 

“Our happiness is so much that we don’t know how to appreciate the friends from the Malachi York Foundation. They have done well for us and we are grateful,” a lady who preferred to be called Mamie only said in a brief interview with this Newspaper.

Conditioning of the road is being done by laying cement bricks along with rocks in the form of stairs for the hill where vehicles are not plying for now.

The Dr. Malachi Z.K. York Foundation is a non-for-profit international educational and humanitarian organization with its headquarters situated at 717 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City, USA.