Liberia: LRRRC Promises to Partner with Liberia Returnee Network in Addressing the Appalling Conditions of Returnees in the Country


Monrovia – Festus Logan, the Executive Director of the Liberia Repatriation Rehabilitation and Reintegration Commission (LRRRC), has promised to work along with the Liberia Returnee Network to identify with the condition of over 600 returnees at the Global Village in Zota District, Bong County.

Liberia Returnee Network is a non-governmental organization advocating for the better living condition for Liberians that have returned from refugees’ camps across Africa.

Recently, over 600 returnees that were brought into the country since 2011 expressed dismay that they have been neglected by the government of Liberia through the LRRRC.

The group of returnees that are now residing at the Global Village in Zota District, Bong County said they were brought into the country by the Asia Focus Australia, an organization within the Lutheran Church in Australia.

“We have 686 inhabitants in this camp. Since we have been here the government has not been able to take care of us, the government has neglected us,” Morris Y. Sulonkemele, an administrator of the camp told FPA.

He added: “LRRRC has not been to this our camp. They have been telling us something through our leadership but until now, they had not been able to come to our aids.”

But speaking to FrontPageAfrica over the weekend, the LRRRC Executive Director said his institution does not have any record on the returnees at the Global Village. He promised to partner with the Liberia Returnee Network to have complete data of the people residing at the Global Village.

“We will send a delegation to the Global Village with the Liberian Returnee Network to see what the situation is. In fact, we have a technical meeting with the Liberian Returnee Network to draw out plans about returnees to our country. We don’t want to make a defined position on that because we don’t know who they are, we want to know who they are,” LRRRC Executive Director said.

According to him, LRRRC has worked along with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) to bring back over 2,000 returnees and other migrants in the country.

“As respect to the group of people at the Global Village, we have no record as a commission about how they came into Liberia, how many are they, yes we have been having some exchanges with one George who claims that he was the one who brought the people from Guinea but for the commission to have record, statistic or profile of those individuals, no we have no record,” he said.

Mr. Logan further said that his institution not has met with any representative of the Asia Focus Australia, an organization within the Lutheran Church in Australia that brought the refugees from Guinea.

“There has been no record on my desk as regard to that. What I think individual or institution does is not they ahead and brings people and executes their program without the knowledge of government. And so, if you bring the people in the country government will not go and perform magic,” the LRRRC boss said.