Liberia: Lofa County’s Rep. Francis Nyumalin Debunks Claims He Threatened to Unlawfully Unseat Weah’s Government


MONROVIA — Representative Francis Sakila Nyumalin of Lofa County Electoral District #1, has clarified before the House’s Plenary that he has no plan to overthrow the CDC-led Government through acts of subversion or any other unlawful means.

Rep. Nyumalin made the assertions in response to a communication written to the Plenary of the House of Representatives by Rep. Dixon Sebo (CDC, District #16, Montserrado Co.), requesting the House to ask him to give clarity on his statement made on OK FM on March 15.

Speaking against the delay in certificating Lofa County Senator-elect Brownie Samukai, Rep. Nyumalin said if Mr. Samukai’s election is annulled and Lofa senatorial seat is left vacant,  every other elected seat from the President to representatives would also be made vacant and there would be a transition government.

Rep. Sebo, in his communication, argued that judging from the country’s history since 1990, every situation that led to the formation of an interim government was on the basis of political destabilization or the overthrown of a legitimate sitting government.

But speaking in Plenary on Tuesday, Rep. Nyumalin said he has no intention to engage in any act of subversion.

In Lofa County

“I have said plainly that Nyumalin has no intention to form any rebel group. Nyumalin has no attention to connive with any group of soldiers to overthrow the government, Nyumalin has no intention to bring any upheaval on this government to ensure that it steps down,” he said.

He continued: “Nyumalin intention is when you use the Supreme Court to nullify the election in Lofa, we will use the Supreme Court to nullify all others seats. When you use the Elections Commission to nullify the election in Lofa, we will use the Elections Commission to nullify all other seats.  If you use the Legislature to nullify the election in Lofa, we will use the Legislature to nullify all other seats. Where is the trouble here?”

Rep. Nyumalin said he stands by his statement and has no regret.

Speaking further, he expressed disappointment over Plenary’s decision to question him for expressing his opinion; and while he was already under investigation by the National Security Agency (NSA).

He said he had expected his colleagues to stand by him while he faces the Executive through the NSA for expressing his opinions, but not to join in interrogating him.

Meanwhile, Rep. Sebo’s communication led to a huge debate on the floor. Several lawmakers, including Reps. Jimmy Smith (Montserrado District #2), Frank Saah Foko (District #9, Montserrado Co.) and Matthew Zarzar of Sinoe County, in separate statements, termed the Lofa County lawmaker’s comments as reckless and called on him to apologize by retracting it. Rep. Smith who chairs the House Committee on National Security said Rep. Nyumalin’s statements threatens the Security of the state.

On the other hand, Reps. Samuel G. Kogar (District #5, Nimba Co.), Hans Barchue (District #1, Grand Bassa Co.) Yekeh Kolubah (District #10, Montserrado Co.) all spoke in support of Rep. Nyumalin and said Plenary should not question the Lofa Lawmaker for comments made since he was already under probe by the NSA.

Rep. Kogar argued that his colleague was protected by House’s rules for comments made as a lawmaker and was not subjected to any investigation by the House for expressing his opinions.

Rep. Barchue called on plenary to determine whether the lawmaker’s comments have any negative implications.

He asked plenary to reexamine its decision in subjecting one of its members to be investigated for expressing his views, and cautioned members of the House to be aware of the future implications of their actions.

Following his comments, Speaker Bhofal Chambers said the leadership of the House will take siege of the communication and make derive at a plausible decision.