Liberia: Liberia Revenue Authority Clears TRH Trading Corp; Says It’s Not Under Investigation for Tax Evasion


Monrovia – Contrary to speculations and recent media reports alleging the freezing of the bank accounts of TRH Trading Corporation for reasons of tax evasion and involvement in the $100 Million cocaine case, FrontPageAfrica has reliably established that TRH is tax compliant and not under any investigation by the Liberia Revenue Authority.

This week, some media reports suggested that Financial Intelligence had ordered all accounts of TRH and its owners frozen as part of investigations into suspicion of tax evasion amidst the recent drug bust at one of its rented facilities.

However, sources responding to a FrontPageAfrica inquiry Reported that neither TRH nor any of its owners, officers, or employees have been arrested or charged in connection with the $100 Million cocaine case.

According to the source, TRH is up to date with all its tax obligations and the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has confirmed this fact in a written communication dated October 13, 2022, and addressed to the management of TRH.

FPA has obtained a copy of TRH tax clearance issued on July 21, 2022, which far predates the recent saga. Also in the possession of FPA is October 13, 2022, LRA’s letter confirming TRH compliance with all Liberian tax laws and that the company is currently not under any tax audit.

The recent FPA investigation was necessitated by the finding of an earlier investigation that also found that neither TRH nor any of its owners and employees have been charged in connection with the Cocaine case and that most of the news and insinuation of their involvement is largely part of a conspiracy by certain business and public officials desiring to exploit the company.