Liberia: Liberia launches National Heritage and Culture Competition


MONROVIA – Liberia has launched its first of its kind in Africa Cultural competition that will showcase Liberian culture from the 15 counties.

The show will attract participants from the 15 counties in a cultural village for five weeks to showcase the culture of the various counties on a live television network on SATCOM.

By Edwin G. Genoway, Jr (231886458910)[email protected]

The National Heritage and Culture Challenge is similar to the National County Sports Meet Tournament, but the show would be about the 15 counties culturally clashing in a glamorous display of cultures and traditions.

The objective is to establish or discover the national identity and things that unite all Liberians.

The CEO of Tamma Corporation Liberia, Abdullai Kamara who is the host and idealist of the show explained that it will put Liberia on the map among many nations in Africa and the world at large.

He said there are many different cultures in Liberia that Liberians themselves are not aware of, saying, “Upon viewing the show on live television many people will get to know their cultural values.

“I always say we all think we are different but we have similar traces, if you look from upper Lofa all the way down to the most southern part of Maryland you will find out that we have something that are similar,” he said.

“Additionally, we also have some unique characteristics, sometimes people are doing things right across the same county borders but are completely different from each other, that’s the uniqueness we are talking about,” he said.

He said the competition will also create a platform for some of those unique people to have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Kamara said the participants placed in the cultural village representing the 15 counties will showcase their respective counties.

On Saturday, December 24, 2022 all of the participants will be entering the heritage village that was built from scratch to host up to 75 contestants.

Five people representing each of the counties will enter the village for five weeks and they will be competing in various categories.

“Ranging from the most beautiful in cultural attire and cultural demonstration of elements, we will also have the strongest worrier. We will also have food display from each county, fishing with nets, and other physical activities in our counties will be held in the village.

The five-week stay in the village will look at the leadership style of each county, every week there will be a town Chief from each county to showcase their leadership style and how they judge cases.

There will also be a showcase of wedding and divorce cases to show which county has the best skills.

The show will be filmed live on SATCOM Channel 2 or 3 on Tamma TV. The Show will also be live on Facebook and other social media outlets.

A cash price of US$40,000 will be given to the winners and the winning county will benefit the construction of a chief compound.

Organizers of the show will announce to the public how to carry out the voting process for participating counties.