Liberia: Land Authority Launches US$8M 5-Year Strategic Plan

Liberia Land Authority Acting Chairman, Att’y J. Adams Manobah officially launching the Swedish Government’s sponsored five-year project

Monrovia – With a US$8 million support from the Swedish Government, the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) has launched a five-year project — “Capacity Building for Inclusive Land Administration and management in Liberia.” This project, which is expected to end in 2023, will be jointly implemented by the LLA and Lantmäteriet, the Swedish Mapping, Cadaster and Land Registration Authority.

The five-year project, which was launched on Friday, October 25, at the Land Authority’s offices, has four components that are supposed to be aligned with the LLA’s mandate as well as its five-year strategic plan. 

According to the LLA, by the end of 2023, which will be the end of President George Weah’s presidential mandate, they expect that their staff will be trained to fully carry out their duties; women are more aware of and are achieving their rights to land in administration and management; local government would be able to create and enforce Land Use Plans and that demarcated customary land would be adequately protected and managed. 

“The successful implementation of this project will help us achieve our five-year strategic plan and overall mandate and ultimately begin to address the pervasive land issue around the country and the citizens of Liberia can adequately enjoy the benefits of land as a key resource and economic asset,” Mrs. Daniela Gray-Johnson, Project Director of LLA, said during the launch.

The Swedish Ambassador to Liberia, Madam Ingrid Wetterqvist, expressed her joy at the constructive relations that have developed between the LLA and Lantmäteriet that has been recorded in the successful completion of the project’s inception phase. She added: “Both authorities took time to learn about each other and to form the basis of mutual trust which is important for the institutional cooperation between the two agencies.”

Amb. Wetterqvist further stated that it is a “win-win situation” since her country and Liberia can learn from each other and benefit from this cooperation project. 

“The land situation in Liberia is very important since land remains a crucial element in the conflict and post-conflict context of Liberia. Sweden is here to support the development of the staff of the LLLA because we believe in the LLA and that they will do the right priorities in line with the strategic plan,” she stated. 

Officially launching the project, the Acting Chairman of LLA, Att’y. J. Adams Manobah, said because of the close friendship and cooperation subsisting between the two governments and peoples since 1960s, when the Liberia American-Swedish Minerals Company (LAMCO), was established. He added: “We are especially happy and proud that his project, established as an extra-territorial possession of the Government of Sweden, is a major contribution to land governance in Liberia.”

The LLA Acting Chairman dais the dedication and launch of the project represented the beginning of a new era of cooperation between the LLA and its Swedish counterpart. 

“In an agrarian society like ours, land is the main source of livelihood; from the national to the community levels. It is the fundamental resource of agricultural and forestry activities. In today’s world, no society will develop or attract substantial investment without a functioning land administration information system. This is what we are destined to achieve,” he assured.

He further assured to ensure that the deliverable of all land-related projects are aligned with the Liberian government’s development agenda — the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD). 

He thanked the people and government of Sweden in helping Liberia builds and efficient and effective land governance system.