Liberia: Justice Ministry Orders Post-Mortem Examination of John Tubman, Maude Elliot and William Tolbert


MONROVIA – The Ministry of Justice has ordered a post-mortem examination on the remains of Mr. John H. Tubman, William R. Tolbert and Ms. Maude Elliot, who were killed in similar fashion at their respective homes

According to the Justice Ministry, the examination is part of a full-scale investigation being conducted by the Liberia National Police.

Tubman, the son of the former President William V.S. Tubman was discovered dead at his Fiamah residence lying in a pool of blood. The police have named Christian Byron Anderson, aka ‘Baby Shad’ as a person of interest in the investigation of Tubman’s murder.

However, the police are yet to name a suspect. The alleged murderer, according to family sources, made his way into house through the basement.

Ms. Elliot who was an officer of the Liberia Immigration Service was also found gorily murdered in her Brewerville home. Though the murderer remains unknown, eyewitnesses say the suspect may have broken into the house through the window.

On November 1, the remains of William Tolbert, Ill, the youngest son of slain President William R. Tolbert, was discovered in his room at his residence also lying in a blood.
Tolbert III was appointed by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Peace Ambassador – a position he retained until his demise.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs described his death as an “irreplaceable loss to Liberia”.