Liberia: Justice Minister Unaware of Martin Kollie’s Writ of Arrest


MONROVIA – Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean has told FrontPageAfrica that he is unaware of a Writ of Arrest issued on activist Martin K.N. Kollie, who claims to be in exile after pressing charges of criminal coercion and dissemination of obscene material.

FrontPageAfrica gathered the Magistrate Jumam Jallah issued the writ without the participation of state lawyers. However, all efforts exerted by FrontPageAfrica to get comments from Magistrate Jallah did not materialize.

Kollie is among other Liberians who of recent times inundated social media with reports alleging that an employee of the National Elections Commission, Mr. Bill Tiklo, is one of the masterminds of the killing of the four audit professionals, for which Mr. Bill has now sued activist Kollie at the Monrovia City Court for creating serious embarrassment and subjecting him (Tiklo) to public ridicule.

In the writ of arrest issued Monday, October 19, 2020, the Monrovia City Court has ordered Captain Larry Gormuyor, Magistrate Police or His Deputy, to arrest the living body of Martin K.N. Kollie to be identified as defendant and forthwith bring him before the Monrovia City Magisterial Court, Temple of Justice Building, Montserrado County to answer to the charge of Criminal Coercion, Disseminating Obscene Materials, based upon the oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia by and thru Bill Teklo, plaintiff.

According to the Writ of Arrest, the Court said, on several occasions up to and including October 15, 2020, in the City of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, the named defendant with malice and wicked intent, purposely accused the private prosecutor of being the one who is responsible for the death of the two persons namely, Giftee and Peter that were found dead on Broad Street, which said accusation the said defendant posted on the private prosecutor’s page on social media, thereby creating serious embarrassment and subjecting him to marred and public ridicule.

“The alleged act of the defendant being unlawful, wicked, illegal and intentional is in violation of sections 14,27 and 18.7 of the New Penal Law of Liberia there and then the crime herein defendant did do and commit. Hence this writ of arrest,” the Court affirmed.

Responding immediately to his arrest order, Martin K.N. Kollie posted on his social media page: “Monrovia City Court issues ‘Writ of Arrest’ for Activist Martin K.N. Kollie. See Trouble. I thought it was ICC or ECOWAS Court”.