Liberia: “Jeety” Admonishes Foreign Businesses to be Benevolent to Inspire

Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva (With balck nose mask) and his team distributing the hot cooked meal

MONROVIA – Indian Business tycoon, Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva, has underscored the need for foreign business owners and others in Liberia to extend helping hands to needy and less fortunate Liberians void of expecting to get something in return.

Dr. Sachdeva is the former Indian Consul General to Liberia and the Proprietor of the Jeety Trading Cooperation in Liberia.

The corporation is a premier business entity that engages into the sale of household hardware materials.

According to him, assistance to the needy in Liberia should be based upon an inspiration to make others to follow suit.

He made these comments when he distributed several plates of home cooked hot meal along with cake, water, and juices to hundreds of inmates and convicts at the Monrovia Central Prison.

He disclosed that the initiative, which is a monthly routine, remains an inspiration of the Jeety Trading Corporation-where he serves as Proprietor.

 “We come here once a month to bring home cooked food for the inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison. Today we have come here again on our inspiration which we believe in-don’t give to get, but give to inspire others”.

“We strongly believe that we will be able to inspire our fellow businessmen who will think one day and start something like ours. Today, we have brought food for almost 1000 inmates”.

Dr. Sachdeva emphasized that the gesture is intended to buttress government’s and its partners’ efforts in “taking care of the inmates very well”.

He noted that inmates and convicts are not only being reprimanded at the prison facility for crimes they committed, but they are being held as part of efforts to have them rehabilitated into the Liberian society.

He used the occasion to clarify that the initiative which provides hot cooked meal to less fortunate citizens on a daily basis, is being proudly sponsored by his corporation, adding that, “we are not getting external or internal support from anyone”.

Dr. Sachdeva, however, commended his team including the Chefs for the separate efforts applied to ensure the distribution of the “sumptuous meal” to the inmates and convicts.

Receiving the food and drinks, Commander Freeman Thomas lauded “Jeety” for the gesture.

He pointed out that the initiative was not a “new gesture” from the top Indian businessman and his team.

“We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to Jeety. As you all know this is something that Jeety usual do especially for the prison. This is not new and Jeety has been so good to the inmate population by feeding the inmates on a specific interval. We want to say thanks to Jeety and the team. We hope this gesture from you will be blessed by God and whatsoever you have decided to do for the Liberian people including our prisoners will continue to go a long way”.

He, however, expressed the hope that other foreign business owners and others in Liberia will emulate the initiative of “Jeety”.