Liberia: IMO Rep. Isaac Jackson ‘Denied’ Diplomatic Passport, Four Months Salary


MONROVIA – Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has written Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor, informing him of the refusal of the Government of Liberia to renew diplomatic passport for him and his family.

The refusal on the part of the government, Atty. Isaac Jackson said, is in disrespect to the Supreme Court’s July 23, 2018 Stay Order on his replacement at the IMO in which the Court ordered that all matters go to status quo.

He reminded that the Court that his then lawyer, Cllr. Arthur Johnson was instructed to work along with the then Solicitor General, Cllr. Daku Mulbah to renew his diplomatic passport and that of his wife and two children.

“Since Your Honor’s mandate a little over a month ago, I have not received our passports which I believe is in continuation of the Government’s violation of the Stay Order issued by the Honorable Supreme Court on July 23, 2019,” he wrote.

In addition to the denial of diplomatic passports, Jackson alleged that the government has not paid him for the past four consecutive months. “This has made life for me and my family extremely difficult. The cost of living in London is painfully high; which is now taking a toll on me and my family.”

The IMO Representative has also called on the Chief Justice to decide whether Cllr. Johnson’s withdrawal from legal representation having had final argument and awaiting the Court’s opinion is consistent with the rules of the Supreme Court.

According to him, upon receiving Cllr. Johnson’s notice of withdrawal, he wrote him, reminding him that in keeping with the Supreme Court’s opinion, having accepted representation and argued the case before the full-bench of the Supreme Court, he was estopped from withdrawing from the case while awaiting the court’s opinion.

He said since his May 9, 2019 communication to Cllr. Johnson, he has not sent any reply and has also not reinstated himself as his legal representative. 

“Your Honor, this irregular conduct on the part Cllr. Johnson, portends danger for the preservation of my rights including those of my family. Because, as things stand, the renewal of our passports and the required legal follow-up on my behalf in this case in this case now hang in abeyance, as I cannot find another lawyer to continue with the representation while the state of Cllr. Johnson’s representation remains unclear. I would therefore respectfully request the court to decide whether Cllr. Johnson, consistent with the rules of the Honorable Supreme Court can withdraw his representation at this stage of the case or not. This will help me decide next step,” he appealed to the Supreme Court.