Liberia: ‘I Am Not Troubled By Threats of Impeachment’ – President Weah

Pres. Weah: “Don’t worry about impeachment. If anybody wants to impeach me, it’s not a problem. While I am here, let me do my work.”

Monrovia – Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah says he is not perturbed by reported threats to have him impeached from office.

It can be recalled that Montserrado County District # 17 Representative Hanson Kiazolu vowed to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Weah if the facts are established that he (Weah) allegedly requested sex from females before appointing them in his government, or he is using the country’s money to construct his personal properties.

The Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah Morlu was heard on a leaked tape accusing President Weah of having sexual affairs with females before giving them jobs, and soliciting monies from friendly nations and businesses in the name of Liberia, but diverting said monies solicited to the constructed of his duplexes worth millions of dollars.

Representative Kiazolu further vowed to ensure that Chairman Morlu appears before the House Plenary or a specialized committee comprising of ‘members with integrity’ for investigation.

But according to President Weah calls or plans to have him remove from office is not in any way bothering him.

He made these assertions at a brief ceremony marking the inspection of the Gbanjor road project in district # 17, Montserrado County.

President Weah urged his supporters not to panic or give ears to any news of his impeachment.

“Don’t worry about impeachment. If anybody wants to impeach me, it’s not a problem. While I am here, let me do my work,” he stated.  

Throwing Jibes At Rep. Kiazolu

Since the news of plans by some lawmakers to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Weah broke out, there has been war of words between stalwarts of both the ruling and opposition political parties.

Representative Acarous Gray, an Executive Committee member of the CDC, told a local radio talk show recently that plans by some opposition lawmakers to impeach President Weah is “dead on arrival”, adding that it is only intended to extort money from the Executive.

But Representative Kiazolu described his colleague as an “immature” lawmaker who is always making “fun” of issues affecting the Liberian people.

“It is unfortunate because President Weah is someone I know as a big brother personally and he knows me. But, not a day I have gone to the Mansion to see President Weah. I live in my own world, I am comfortable and I think that I can live on what I own. I have never done that to any leader and it will never happen,” he added.

The Unity Party lawmaker furthered: “Representative Gray’s allegation is a bluff talk. When serious issues come to the nation, it is Acarous Gray who plays fun out of it because he is not mature. He does not consider this country as his country because he’s one of those that have acquired properties in America. They know after this regime, they will have to leave this country to go and live with their families abroad”.

Reacting to Kiazolu claims, President Weah said: “You listened to Honorable Kiazolu; he’s not a stranger to me. When he was a young man, every day he ran behind me everywhere I went; and everything that I did, he was my assistance. He was a young kid that I mentored. Today he is a Representative and I am proud that the little boy that was behind me in Clara Town, Soniwein and Vai Town is a Representative today. We all are Liberians; we are family somehow.” 

Call for Unity

The Liberian leader used the occasion to urge Liberians to unite and collectively work together for the betterment of the nation.

“Let us continue to unite for the betterment of our people. Let’s remember that we hated each other wrongly in this country. We have another time to unite this country and make it peaceful. What I want to say to the people here in Gbanjor-what is happening here this afternoon should be a sign of unity among us; should be a sign of peace and togetherness” he added. 

Respect for Leaders

The inspection tour in the Gbanjor community was characterized by mixed groups holding placards against and in favor of Representative Kiazolu.

But President Weah urged the young people to always respect their leaders.

He said though mistakes are made and corrected, people are also misconstrued at times because of the statements they make.

“I am asking you, let us show respect to our leaders. People make mistakes, and people misinterpret other people. Let us be united here and be together for the benefit of this road and the community. What we need to do is to work together for this road to be completed. So I beg your indulgence, let us move forward” he maintained. 

Earlier speaking at the ceremony in Gbanjor, Representative Kiazolu claimed that his assertions have been misconstrued by some members of the Liberian media.

He noted that he has no plan to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Weah.

Flip-Flopping Kiazolu

Representative Kiazolu, however, pledged his unflinching support to the developmental agenda of President Weah and his government.

“I want to use this occasion to inform you that the media speculations that District 17 lawmaker wants to impeach the President; I want you to take it to the bank; it’s not true today and it will not be true tomorrow. I want to tell you Mr. President; because of the level of support especially in my district, you can count on me for my support,” he maintained.

Representative Kiazolu latest comments contradict previous assertions in which he promised to ensure that a communication is placed on the floor of the House upon lawmakers return for the Third Session to ensure the investigation of Chairman Morlu actions of impeachment against the President be initiated subsequently if facts are provided by witnesses during the hearings of Chairman Morlu.