Liberia: Hawa Verdier Divorces Her Husband, Cllr. Jerome Verdier


MONROVIA – Hawa Verdier, wife of former Chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) says she has divorced her husband Cllr. Jerome Verdier for his “arrogance, rudeness, and the abandonment of his kids”.

Madam Hawa Verdier said she could not stand her ex-husband for his alleged arrogance and the lack of support for his kids, among others.

She said she has no regrets divorcing Cllr. Verdier because, according to her, he was  very aggressive in the marriage. “He was so rude and he abandoned his family for no reason and I’ve been the only one taking care of the children,” she said.

There had been a continued war of words between Cllr. Verdier and his estranged wife Hawa Verdier with each digging deep into personal affairs when the marriage was working for them.

Cllr. Verdier accused his wife of having extramarital affairs, being a drunk while his wife says he’s a pimp and careless father who since abandoned his kids and husband whom she sponsored for several years.

Madam Verdier sees the divorce of her husband as a heavy burden being taken off her head.

She said she had done everything in her in her power to make the marriage work even in the absence of support from Cllr. Verdier.

“He is very ungrateful to me, he is very ungrateful and wicked,I helped him to gain status but he didn’t appreciate it, in other for him to get at me he started sending me all kinds of messages that people sleeping with his wife (me),” she explained.

Cllr. Verdier, however, acknowledged staying with his wife in Kenya before leaving for the U.S. and her countless support to him including the purchase of his plane ticket, and a party in his honor but said she hasn’t been a decent woman.

The former Truth & Reconciliation Chairman who earlier claimed his wife had affairs with a government official to jeopardize his stance on vices of the system later somersaulted Wednesday in a write-up by saying she imported a ‘Kpelle Man’ to a Kenyan hotel on her birthday.

The graphic narration of the affairs of his wife and the ‘Kpelle Man’ was contained in an over two-page document sent to his wife which she later shared with the press.

Explaining to FrontPageAfrica Madam Verdier said she has tried her best to change or transform him but it had been very difficult “due to his unwillingness to be a responsible husband and father”.

She disclosed that the former Chairperson of the TRC usually sent her emails, voice messages insulting and making a mockery of her. “The only thing he wanted us to do so far was for us to divorce, that was what he wanted from me,” she said.

The ex-wife of Cllr. Verdier said she was continuously provoked by her ex-husband so she could take lead to be put in for divorce because, according to her, the Counselor is broke and doesn’t have money to put in for divorce.

She added that Cllr. Verdier had told her that he doesn’t have any money for any divorce as such, if she wanted to, it was up to her and she could go ahead with her plan.

Madam Verdier: “He also doubted that the kids are his and we should do a DNA test. I told him I wanted the DNA but he said I should underwrite the cost and I told him no. How this man taking me to be, a stupid person or what?” she explained.

“So he and I started auguring one thing to another, I said let me move on with my life and that was how I went to my pastor who I also explained it. I also got the lady who hosted us in Kenya and she advised me to hire a lawyer to pursue the matter.

“And that was how I filed a lawsuit against him, he wanted to play the game after he found out that I was not taking it lightly. He wanted a divorce so I gave it to him.”