Liberia: Goat Invades Legislature on A Serious Working Monday


Monrovia – Daily visitors to the Capitol Building, seat of the national legislature often run into bottlenecks over dress codes and tidiness on working days.

On Monday employees and staffers were in amazement by the entrance into the Capitol building’s house wing when a goat which had escape its confinement, came strolling on the premises, holding onlookers in their tracks and even walking by the parked vehicle belonging to the Speaker of the House Bophal Chambers.

Apparently lost, the goat appeared confused as onlookers made jokes.

FrontPageAfrica’s legislative reporter was unable to establish ownership of the cattle. However, it is believed to have been carried to the capitol building by someone believed to be an employee as an appreciation of token for one of the members of the legislature.

“Token” under the Code of conduct should not allow anyone in such practice is in violation of the law that banned government officials from receiving the token.

Section 9.1 of the code of Conduct states that; Public Officials and Employees of Government shall not receive nor encourage the giving of any form of bribe or casual gift in connection with the performance of his or her official duties, whether for himself or herself or members of his or her family or any other benefits that could have any influence on his or her professional approach to issues and the discharge of his or her official duties. This shall not include gifts given during traditional ceremonies and celebrations, and fees paid for Lobbying. The Legislature shall enact laws for the regulation of lobbying activities.”

Also in section 9.2 of the Code conduct states that; Token Gifts Any token gift received by Public Officials and Employees of Government must be declared, within a reasonable time not exceeding seven (7) days, to the appropriate authority that shall decide whether the gift item should be retained by the Public Official or Employee of Government or whether the gift should be surrendered to Government. Public Officials and Employees of Government who surrender a token gift must demand a receipt from the appropriate recipient or depository.