Liberia: Girl, 12 Craves Supports for Female High School Drop-out

Twelve-year-old T-Love Kpah

Monrovia – In commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child, Oxfam in Monrovia, Liberia on Wednesday 23rd October offered its office to T-Love Kaph; aged 12 to act as its Country Director for a day.

Plan-International requested Oxfam to host T-Love as its Country Director to raise her self-confidence as a girl child. While in office, she held meetings with Oxfam staff and expressed gratitude to Oxfam for accepting her despite her age.

T-Love said it was time that Oxfam put in more time and resources to educate and empower rural girls and women.

“I am hoping that Oxfam will empower more women and girls who are high school dropped-out, victims of sexual abuse and also help provide opportunities like scholarship for formal and informal education,” She said.

T-Love says poverty can only be reduced if girls and women are empowered through skills learning and Oxfam should continue in such vein.

She urged Oxfam to continue awareness raising on sexual violence and child molestation to eliminate violence against girls and women in urban and rural communities.

T-Love is a ninth-grade student of the O’ Nance International Christian school, located at 72nd SKD Boulevard, Monrovia, Liberia.  She is also a member of Global Initiatives to Rescue Disadvantage Girls (GIRDG). GIRDG as an organization is all about rescuing disadvantaged girls who are vulnerable.

GIRDG also focuses on issues that are affecting girl’s education, empowerment and healthy living. T-Love’s dream is to become a Medical Doctor, “I want to contribute to the health systems and healthy lifestyle of girls and women in my country.”

Speaking at the event, Evelyn Fuller Jepekei, Oxfam’s Country Finance Manager urged T-Love to be a role model for her peers. 

“When you are back to your community, please continue to make positive impacts, let us all help build the next generation,” said Jepekei. 

She congratulated T-Love for a splendid performance on the one-day service.