Liberia: German Mineral Company Expands ‘Mining’ to Grand Cape Mount Diamond District


GRAND CAPE MOUNT – As part of efforts to strengthen operations and reach its goal in Liberia, a German Mineral Company, Thesaurum Gold Exploration Ltd, is expanding its activities to Grand Cape Mount to do diamond mining.

 The Thesaurum Gold Exploration Ltd launched its operations in gold-rich Todee, in Montserrado County.

 In a statement dated July 24, 2021, under the signatures of Richie Engler, CEO and Jürgen Bertram, the German company said it has acquired all licenses and mining rights and that it has signed a final joint venture with the claimant.

 “All agreements with the claim owner and with the community have been fulfilled and everyone is waiting for the delivery of the new machines to Monrovia and the start of the mining in November or December,” the statement said.

 Accordingly, the mining equipment worth over US$300,000 will be brought in the country hopefully in October to formally jumpstart mining activities in the two counties.

 The statement further that the German Mining Company pledged to support the government in funding and strengthening the mining business for small (local) miners.

 Meanwhile, as part of its commitment to contribute to the communities — socially responsibilities, the Company said more than 100 jobs will be created,  staff would be trained to the teeth and a better life created.

 The statement added that the government will duly receive taxes on the mined gold and corporate income tax. There will be an unpolluted environment – a green mining operation.

 “It’s important for the company that the community, in particular, can rely on our commitments. It is for this reason that Mr. Bertram (CEO of Great Britain) and Mr.  Engler (CEO of Liberia) kept their word to the community of Chief Douglas last week and distributed rice and oil to the community.,” the statement indicated.

 “A new handpump has been ordered for the well, which will shortly be installed  so that the community will  have safe and fresh drinking water.”

 The statement also states that Mr. Gibson Weah Gmah has been appointed General Manager of the Liberian Thesaurum Gold Exploration Ltd, and can receive inquiries for business opportunities at ([email protected]).

 The Thesaurum Gold Exploration Ltd, said it is satisfied with the business climate and CEO Richie Engler has set himself the goal of advising investors in Europe from now on and showing investors the endless business opportunities in Liberia.