Liberia: General Auditing Commission Begins month-long Campaign in High Schools to Promote Culture of Integrity


MONROVIA – The General Auditing Commission Monday launched its inter-high school culture of Integrity Outreach Program. The outreach program is to inform students about the workings of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) and how their work is important to the strengthening of integrity.

Madam Yusador Gaye, Auditor General of the GAC in an opening statement said, the outreach is the beginning of preparation to that will shape the minds of young people, especially students who are future leaders.

“We don’t have a good reputation as a country right now and we cannot sit and burry the facts that we don’t have good reputation. Nobody will change this country but us,” she said.

Organization & Project Summary Details

The exercise is being held under the theme “The Culture of Integrity” which seeks to promote integrity is championed by young people, particularly high school students. The consideration of blending public and private schools for this initiative is a non-discriminatory strategy to ensure public, private technical and even faith-based high schools are integrated.

 A team of GAC employees, specifically mid-level and senior auditors led by the communication and public relations unit will break up into two teams to reach out to two schools simultaneously. The request will be based on a 30-minute interaction with students preferably during non-instructional period to avoid any interference with schools’ period or curricular calendar. 

This half-hour interaction is expected to cover a vivid presentation of the GAC’s national mandates, responsibilities and operations and clarify a host of doubts, concerns and queries in a question & answer time allotted.

 “The teams are anticipated to begin this campaign morning hours (7:30AM-8AM) when apparently most if not all schools have their assembly period.”

The office of the Auditor General invited a selected number of schools for the launch. The invitees for each school included the principal, a student council representative, 2 students (regarding gender balance), and the dean of student affairs.

 “The first interaction with schools is scheduled for November 22 and 28, 2019, respectively. Eight schools (4 public & 4 private) will be used as pilot for this outreach initiative. The sphere of the outreach could expand primarily based on available resources.

“The variable of need has already been considered from many recommendations emerging from previous stakeholders’ engagements, the quest to continuously engage the larger citizenry and the prospect of working with youths to ensure they understand the relevance and benefits of a society of integrity.”

The pilot phase, according to the GAC, is expected to run for one month, a 4-week period that will exhaust the outreach/ campaign to 8 schools.

The campaign is intended to be active only during the period schools will be sustained by the rigorous effort of the General Auditing Commission and the support of the schools. “The General Auditing Commission intends to sustain this campaign for its operational budget no matter how minute it may seem since this outreach initiative aspires to be one of the signatures projects the Auditor General, Madam Yusador Gaye. It is convenient that since the campaign will be implemented recurrently, this outreach program will also traditionally be implemented likewise to maintain its sustainability.”